DIY Garage Ball Storage Rack

This project is one from the summer. The number of various balls in our house have been increasing over the summer. The football ball, basketball ball, soccer ball. The smaller ones for my daughter, the bigger ones for my son. We needed to organize all the balls and get them out of the way. You can find similar ball storage racks and organizers all over Pinterest.

This project was really quick. We used the wood we already have and attached to the exposed studs inside the garage.

Wood plank
A pack of Bungey cords
Wood screws

1. Cut 2 pieces of the wood as long as the distance between the studs.
2. Cut 4 pieces of 10-12″ of wood.
3. Screw the 3 pieces together to make a U
4. Screw the end pieces of the U to the studs.
5. Place a spare wood sheet or a another piece of wood at the bottom U to prevent balls from falling through.

You have to place the racks with enough distance so that bungey cords can stay stretched. I got 36″ cords, which turned out to be a little bit bigger than I needed. At least, we have enough space to store any type of ball kids might want in the future.

We use the top rack as helmet storage.

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