Breastfeeding 104 – Comfortable and healthy nursing positions

Comfortable nursing positions

DisclosureYou have the correct and complete latch on, created the Voltron and you are nursing really well. Great! But if you are sitting incorrectly, for 15 minutes to half an hour, 6 times a day, then it is inevitable to have neck and back pains.  That’s why it is very important to nurse your baby in a correct posture and hold your baby correctly.

One not-widely-known fact is that “your back is supported your abdominal muscles“. If your back is straight then you it means you have strong abs. If your back hurts it is most likely because your abdominal muscles are not as tight.  ( This excludes back pains due to lifting heavy items or sciatica.)

After giving birth, since you don’t have any straight abdomen muscles left anymore, your back gets really weak.  Doctors usually do not recommend  intensive workouts in the first 40 days or 6 weeks.  Yoga and exercise classes you attend during pregnancy will help you a bit in keeping some ab muscles. Because your stomach muscles will not be as tight before, you might experience back pain during nursing your baby.

In order to avoid pain you need to nurse correctly:

  1. You need to lean your back against something.
  2. You should not lean on and bend over your baby during breastfeeding, you need to bring your baby to you.
  3. Support your arms carrying your baby with nursing or regular pillows.
  4. I also recommend you to use something to raise your legs as well.

Nursing pillows like boppy pillow is a product a pregnant woman should definitely have.  If you prefer to nurse at a fixed spot all the time, a nursing rocking chair is another must-have purchase.  At first, I did not buy it thinking I can get by with a regular armchair or a couch.  Later on, I was handed down one from a friend.  At that moment I thought to myself, how did I nurse for 8 months without it. An inexpensive, useful rocking chair and an ottoman is something certainly needed. It is not a luxury, it is a need.

In addition to these accessories, there are 2-3 nursing positions including one you can try out laying down.  You can view these positions by clicking on this link and be able to watch it’s video.  Make sure you try these positions and use the ones that provide you the best back support and comfort.

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