DIY: Trash bin with butcher block

I wanted to hide the trash can in our kitchen out of sight. Kids were playing with its lid and touching it unnecessarily when it’s just sitting out. We use a big 13 gallon trash can and non of our existing cabinet is able to hold it.

Then I came around this butcher block bin online and was intrigued. However, it was expensive for my budget and did not match our kitchen colors.

While I was walking around at Lowe’s, I saw this kitchen cart with wire baskets (shown above) and “BAM”, a bulb appeared in my head. Next thing you know, I had the cart and a fitting wood for door from “As Is” section in IKEA for a mere 55c.
I attached the door to the cart with hinges.

I screwed our plastic trash bin to the door with an added wood padding. The padding provided spacing to put the trash bag around the bin.

I put in screw hooks to put a stopper chain so that door with trash can on it wouldn’t fall down when you open it. In the photo, there is a string holding the hooks which were replaced by metal chain. We put a matching metal knob on the door.

It has casters. Sometimes we move the trash bin near the kitchen counter to trash the peels, pieces, and remnants or sometimes we use the butcher block as cutting board and flip goes the peels and remnants into the bin.

In the summer, we hang an old IKEA Lattsam bin on to one of the towel hangers to collect organic compostables, then trash them in our compost bin in our backyard.


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