Parents’ emergency phone list


Prepare multiple copies of this list, one big size for board, refrigerator or by the phone at home and multiple wallet-sizes for parents, grandparents, nannies, other caregivers. List should include: Home phone Mom's cell/work Dad's cell/work Other emergency contacts (family, friends) Pediatricians office Poison Control Center … [Read more...]

Safety: Car safety for babies and children

According to the laws in USA, you must take your new born baby home from the hospital in a car seat. When travelling in a car, make sure you baby sits in the back seat in a car seat and make sure to fasten the seat belt.  Making excuses such as, car being too cluttered with baby seat, that the distance is too short, baby not liking the car seat … [Read more...]

Safety: First Aid and CPR for babies and children


Though we (should) take all precautions in advance, for the safety of our babies and children, we need to be prepared for unexpected emergency situations as well. We need learn first aid (CPR) methods and be able to administer these at the time of emergencies. We should also teach them to whomever is taking care of our babies or kids as well … [Read more...]

How to quickly fold a shirt – Video

Japanese did it again. As a messy person, who likes to fold my shirt like they do in the stores, I found this video very handy. I needed to watch this 4-5 times before I got it right. Here is how you do it: Lay the t-shirt flat in front of you, back side down and its neck looking right. Pinch hold the side that is farther from you in the … [Read more...]

Bus Costume for Children


Everyone was asking me what my son is going to wear for Halloween. Since he is so little, he does not understand Halloween very well anyway. I was thinking of a cute animal costume so that we can take pictures. Ana, our nanny, suggested that we get him something that reflects his personality. She was right, my son was going to wear it. My son is … [Read more...]

Chicken Broth Soup for common cold cure

I wasn't able to add new posts since the terminator cold has entered our house, knocking down my son first, then me. That said, I feel this chicken broth soup recipe is the most appropriate post to share with you with cold viruses making rounds around the country. If you research, you will find many articles from reliable sources that chicken … [Read more...]