Future of Chicago Public Schools

I started looking for job postings and thinking about updating my resume on job search sites. In two years, my son will be starting Kindergarten and my daughter Preschool. I feel like we will have to put them in a private school and instead of public school based on the most recent news. … [Read more...]

Carrot Island

We all know growing a sprout from beans. This is also neat. You can grow your own carrot island.Cut the tip of the carrot that has already began to grow greens. Put it in a small plate, covering the root with wet cotton. Keep it moist. You don't see it here but there was also wet cotton on the sides of the carrot as well.Our island has been a part … [Read more...]


My mom's here visiting and also helping me. Help! Big time!Even though we've been very busy moving out of and back into our seepage damaged basement during the last month, as a part of my new year's resolutions I spared an hour for myself and myself only. I made my appointment during naptime anyway.Since I'm an "Avon Lady" I prefer to do my … [Read more...]

Happy New Year

I was away from blogging for a while but I wanted to post a new year's message.I hope everyone a healthy, happy, peaceful new year with their families and loved ones.The Mom Song from Northland Video on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Yippie Yay Thursday

I have no idea how I did it. I just poked around on the circuit board. Now the ride-on's buttons and the bubble maker is working. This is the only toy they enjoy together, right now. It's so nice (heartwarming) to see them playing together.Ela and I started the classes at Merry Music Makers yesterday. It's a part of Music Together program. I love … [Read more...]

First Yard Sale Ever

I hosted my very first Yard Sale. It was fun and it was a great success for me. It was tiring as well, since I did everything from arranging the items for sale, pricing, setting up shop and carrying them in and out. My husband took care of the kids while I attended the customers. Got rid of most of the junk, which was mostly my maternity clothes, … [Read more...]

"That’s me" Tuesday

Ay, ay ay...I am getting my daily life back on track. I was reading "Not me Monday" posts yesterday. Vow! If you believe in the "Secret" mentality, there is two options.a. Two negatives makes a positive i.e. rewriting your negative experiences with negative (not) turns things positive.b. "Secret" does not work, because after reading all that gloomy … [Read more...]

Goals and dollars

I am going crazy with this "not being an efficient full-time mom" due to never ending chores around the house. My husband helps me a lot and even with that I seem to be losing it. I am not a clean freak either.Anyway, I decided I really need outside help -such as a cleaning lady- at least for 2 hours everyday, to help me clean up the kitchen, the … [Read more...]

I am allergic to my kids

Few years ago, I was working with a director who was really stressed out. He got depressed in even the smallest, easiest projects. I hardly get depressed about work stuff, especially about the projects we do hundred times a year. So we were both working with clients, and I was working as therapist on the top of that to calm him down. He started to … [Read more...]

MBA Moms staying at home with their kids

Here is an article I came around in Businessweek about women who had their MBA's from Harvard and decided to stay at home after they became mothers.It is true that you consider the investment you've already made when deciding to go ahead with your career, whether working for another boss or being your own boss, which I'd prefer should I decide to … [Read more...]

Get up, Stand up

One of the few things I miss from my "working mom" days is when I had help, I could sleep in for an extra half an hour in the morning. Either our nanny, Ana, would take over my son or after my daughter was born my mom would take her after her morning feeding so that I could snuck under my still warm comforter. That extra half an hour of sleep is so … [Read more...]

Good to be a SAHM

3-hr parking in a south loop parking garage for an appointment - $28Parking in Navy Pier Parking - $16An impromptu visit to the Chicago Children's Museum and Nayv Pier because we're in the neighborhood- Priceless(Of course we have CCM membership :) ) … [Read more...]