Cheap Cheap

I got hooked on, dollar and thrift stores. This happened because I saw on other mom blogs and homeschooling blogs, moms creating inspirational playrooms or classrooms , shopping from dollar and thrift stores. I got amazing deals for furniture and other stuff. I got these shelves for $10 each. … [Read more...]

Playing with colored water


My son loves this game / activity and can entertain himself literally for hours. All you need is food coloring. I got this 4 color, food coloring set at Target for $2. I gave him a dropper from one of the first aid kits we've got at home. I put water in few old baby food jars, then put a drop of color in each. I also gave him few empty ones. He … [Read more...]

Making toy snake with plastic bottle caps


I made this "snake" using the 5 gallon water bottle caps, I have been collecting. Materials: Plenty of water bottle caps Yarn or rope Scissors Adhesive tape A screwdriver or knitting needle 1 plastic cup Directions: Make holes in the middle of bottler caps using the screwdriver or knitting needles. Cut the yarn to double … [Read more...]

Cardboard Box Puppet Theater


I have been getting weekly messages from, since I was expecting my son.  In the last message of 2006, "the New Year's Message" they were wishing all the moms to "be the best mom you can be.”  What a nice new year's wish! That wish required 3 actions: Be patient Spend more time with your kid (s) Be a creative mom who addresses … [Read more...]

My sons first fleet


This is my son's first fleet of cars, buses, trucks and garbage trucks. He loves garbage trucks. Our unit oversees the alley and he wakes up every day to watch the garbage truck picking up garbage. Unfortunately, the truck comes at 7 am every morning. I wish it came a bit later. Greetings to all moms whose son's are garbage truck fans. … [Read more...]

Cardboard toy: Multi-level racing track


I was inspired by a toy I saw in a toy catalog for this race track. Materials: 4 23" diaper carton lids for columns. 5 16" cardboard piece for tracks. Fold the sides up to make curbs./li> A lot of colored construction paper Glue Toy cars (preferably flat and heavy) Directions: I used the dimensions of the toy in the … [Read more...]

Family album for children


Our nanny, Ana, prepared this special family album for my son. We live far away from our extended family, grandparents, and grandaunts and uncles. The time between visits are long enough for a young kid to forget the new family member (s)he met and spent time only for few weeks. So Ana put together a photo album with family members in it. We … [Read more...]