Painting Wooden Jewelry Armoire


This My Look Wooden Jewelry Armoire was one of the birthday presents that I've saved for later. My daughter took it out the morning after we came back from Cancun to paint it. She kept herself busy for quite sometime. It's a pretty decent jewelry box for kids' bead necklaces and bracelets and stuff. I have some concerns about my daughters … [Read more...]

What we are reading this week


I've read and liked Micheal Pollan's "Omnivore's Dilemma". I've been telling my children some examples from he book already. Then my sister-in-law mentioned "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual" and I immediately checked it out from the library. We are this reading together with the kids. The premise of the book is summarized in 3 sentences, as stated in … [Read more...]

National Robotics Week at the MSI Chicago


National Robotics Week started on Saturday, April 6 with many showcases and activities running throughout the day at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. Roboweek will continue until Sunday, April 14. We could not miss it because my son is crazy about robots and my daughter is influenced by her big brother. we recently got our … [Read more...]

Repurposing old mattress as a trampoline


We used to own a little toddlers/preschoolers trampoline when my son was about 2.5 years-old. It was relatively safe with less bouncy center and two padded handles on each side. After my daughter started to get up and cruise, she played with it a lot as well. Then they outgrew that trampoline. However, living in Chicago we still needed an indoor … [Read more...]

How to detangle dolls’ hair


This post can be a great subject for "First World Problems" meme. My daughters doll's hair is tangled. What do I do? Well, there is a solution for that, believe it or not. You need: Woolite (You can also use fabric softener as well. I don't use softener and woolite works.) What is called a wig brush Water. Mix half a cup of water … [Read more...]

Winter Activity: Snowflake / Snow Crystal Observation


Just in time for the winter activities, provided by Chicago Public Library, it started to snow on Christmas Day in Chicago. Chicago Public Library has very well-thought holiday and vacation programs. Like the "Reading Program" during the summer, they had the Winter Learning Program" for the winter break. We have a really nice Children's Librarian … [Read more...]

Our New Year’s Eve Menu


We celebrated the New Year's Eve at home with friends and family this year. We kept the menu low key and as healthy as possible. The items were all gluten-free. Roasted Chicken with Chestnuts and rice Zucchini boats with sauteed vegetables Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers Shrimp with Mushrooms in stoneware Cauliflower Salad prepared by our … [Read more...]

Birthday Menu


My daughter chose "flowers" as the theme of her 5th birthday party. We celebrated at home with her friends. My mom and I prepared the dishes. This was her "fruit cake". I used watermelon, honey dew melon, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple (hearts & flowers) and tangerines with the help of few toothpicks. Kids loved it. This is the whole … [Read more...]

Organizing LEGO instruction booklets


I've written how I tried to contain the LEGO parts mess by storing them in ziplocs by color in this post. Since LEGO’s are both of my kids' the favorite toys and the toy that they spend time playing the most, we are continually accumulating new models. After I organized the parts and pieces, the instruction booklets started to become a bigger part … [Read more...]

Art Class at Chicago Art and Design Center


I got a groupon for an art class at the Chicago Art and Design Center way back, most probably a year ago. As per the norm, of course, I decided to book my class one month prior to the looming expiration date. I went alone but most attendees were in groups. It is a BYOB event. Everyone had their wines. I recommend that you eat before the class, … [Read more...]

Book review: Omnivore’s Dilemma


This week’s book is not a children’s book. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals is a non-fiction book about nutrition and health, which  I highly recommend everyone, who wants to figure out how to eat healthy in the age of industrialization, to read. Definition of Omnivore in the dictionary  is  “an animal or person that eats … [Read more...]

Robot themed birthday party


This year, my son wanted a robot themed birthday party. We always hold the parties at our home. Kids play in the basement, parents mingle and chat. Since the kids have grown, they tend to come up with mischievous plans together, move around the house instead of playing with toys in the basement. So I decided to bring in some type of an activity to … [Read more...]

Decorating my daughter’s headbands


When I saw this starfish headband on my friend's blog and I immediately pinned it to my Pinterest board. I ordered starfish, and some seashells while I was at it. As I gathered all the beads, ribbons, laces, old gift decorations and my new glue gun along with the starfish and the shells, I realized this was a headband overhaul. I used only … [Read more...]

Questioning homework: Is it worth it?

Our son goes to a public school and is about to finish first grade. It is a magnet school that enrolls students through lottery drawing. He is at school almost for 6 hours, from 8:00am until 1:45pm. Unfortunately, within these 6 hours their lunch break is really short and they do not have a proper recess time where students can spend their … [Read more...]

DIY: Hand-made Star Wars rain boots


I was trying to buy new rain boots for the kids last fall. As you might imagine, there were lots of colorful boots with great designs for girls but none for boys, especially in size bigger than 1. So I talked my son into getting these plain black boots, telling him we can decorate it as he wants. I got permanent metallic markers. He wanted to … [Read more...]

How to make toy robots from used materials


I see lots of different stores at the airports during my business travels. I saw these robots in one of the stores at an airport. They were adorable. I took few pictures as a mental note, to replicate these at home with all the boxes and stuff I have been collecting to do crafts. The body and head parts were easy to find however I had to … [Read more...]

Nail polish for girls and guns for boys

The culture we pass on to our kids is so particular that it not only changes from country to country, or region to region but differs even from neighbor to neighbor. From how we dress our kids, what we feed them with, the toys we buy for them, to the things we allow them to do, everyone’s "normal" varies.  Still, we expect everyone to be similar. … [Read more...]