Tea party themed birthday party


My daughter turned 7. We celebrated her birthday with a Tea Party themed birthday party as per her wish. She wanted to do a Tea Party since she received this Princess Tea Party set and books as a gift in May. We have been baking cupcakes and making a granola bar from the recipe book that was included in the set. The birthday party I put together … [Read more...]

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas


We celebrated my son's 9th Birthday party with, of course, no other than Minecraft theme. There are so many great resources out on the internet to put together a great DIY Minecraft birthday party. I will list what we did and the sources I used. PREPARATIONS AHEAD OF THE PARTY I prepared my own Creeper backdrop from vinyl … [Read more...]

Cake Tutu for Ballerina themed birthday party

Cake Tutu

A friend of mine baked the birthday cake for my daughter's ballerina themed birthday party. I sew a tutu for the cake. The inspiration is from Pinterest. It's very easy to make. I sewed it with my sewing machine. If you are patient enough, you can sew it by hand as well. First order of business: Know the circumference of the cake, in order to … [Read more...]

Ballerina themed birthday party


My little sunshine turned 6 a week ago. It's harder to accept that your youngest is growing. (S)he is always the youngest of the house no matter what. My daughter wanted a Ballerina Birthday party this year. We made a big change and threw the party somewhere other than our house. For the last 13 parties, between my son and daughter, we always … [Read more...]

Our New Year’s Eve Menu


We celebrated the New Year's Eve at home with friends and family this year. We kept the menu low key and as healthy as possible. The items were all gluten-free. Roasted Chicken with Chestnuts and rice Zucchini boats with sauteed vegetables Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers Shrimp with Mushrooms in stoneware Cauliflower Salad prepared by our … [Read more...]

Birthday Menu


My daughter chose "flowers" as the theme of her 5th birthday party. We celebrated at home with her friends. My mom and I prepared the dishes. This was her "fruit cake". I used watermelon, honey dew melon, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple (hearts & flowers) and tangerines with the help of few toothpicks. Kids loved it. This is the whole … [Read more...]

Robot themed birthday party


This year, my son wanted a robot themed birthday party. We always hold the parties at our home. Kids play in the basement, parents mingle and chat. Since the kids have grown, they tend to come up with mischievous plans together, move around the house instead of playing with toys in the basement. So I decided to bring in some type of an activity to … [Read more...]