An ordinary day – Dinner Delight

Continuing from An ordinary day – Breakfast and leaving home I need to show up at school pick up time with snacks. My son would be incredibly hungry and he can't  wait until we get home. I usually pack a home-made burger, a sandwich, or couple of granola bars. On Mondays, my son has gym classes.  When I am pick him up, his first questions … [Read more...]

An ordinary day – Breakfast and leaving home

Continuing from An ordinary day, Good Morning. After trying out different methods for years, with trial and error, I learned that best way to manage kid's menu is (a) offer two alternatives, prepare/cook what your child chooses or (b) offer two alternatives but sell them what you want them to eat in a sneaky way. In the worst case … [Read more...]

An ordinary day – Good Morning

From the narrow window of my blog, our life might seem pretty easy and relaxed since I mostly write how I manage to do multiple things, share practical ideas, and solutions around the life with children. If I come up with a good post, it means that, I had to  struggle and stumble and finally find a way to get through the emotional and physical … [Read more...]

Time management and planning tools for parents


Time management is very important for me. It doesn't mean I am super skilled in time management. On the contrary, I totally suck at it. One major flaw that I have is that I get easily distracted. I think about zillion unrelated things while I am trying to work on a task. I leave that task in the middle and move on to something else. Unless I … [Read more...]

House rules poster for children


Lately, sharing and jealousy issues have drastically escalated between the siblings. Big brother has been less than cooperative and agreeable. As usual, I started thinking about proactive solutions or help them find their own solutions. Sibling rivalry, as I have accepted, is inevitable. My daughter is more interactive and she is trying to do … [Read more...]

Product Review: Responsibility Chart by Melissa & Doug


I got this "Magnetic Responsibility Chart" from a friend who hasn't been using it for a while. We hung it in my son's room as a continuation of the actions we've taken along with "House Rules Poster". It has magnets for every "desired behavior" such as helping with house chores and communicating to each other etc. You put the desired behaviors or … [Read more...]

Parenting solutions for parents with many kids

I don't like that the parenting books that are written for the first and the only child. Sleep, potty training, discipline, or play/game books... Everyone assumes parents have one kid. If they are the experts and have something to tell us about kids, they also have to figure out most of us have more than one. I got "Siblings without rivalry" … [Read more...]

First Day of School

This is my son's first day at school. He started his preschool today. I have been getting him ready for a week or so, telling him, he would play with his friends and toys, and singing songs and playing outside. He mostly listened to me quietly but he commented, once in a while, "Mom's coming along, right?". I explained him, "Yes, I will. Then I am … [Read more...]

Books to help children prepare for a new sibling


Here are the list of books we used and loved on preparation of the arrival of a new sister: I am a Big Brother  My son and I have enjoyed this book the most. This is ideal for children of my son’s age (2,5). You can also find big sister version of it. I am a Big Sister Hello Baby! This is a nice book as well. Lots of illustrations. This is … [Read more...]

Preparing our son for the arrival of his new sibling

We have completed our preparations for the arrival or our new baby as much as we could.  I went out for one last time to buy things which were on my missing stuff list. After my son, we did not have that many missing items anyway. I only bought containers for milk, garbage bags for diapers and boppy pillow.  The old ones were really old. I found an … [Read more...]

How to soothe a crying baby – Video

Well, our Japanese friends did it again. You fed, burped and changes your baby but (s)he is still crying. All you need is a glass of water to calm her/him down. You take a mouthful of water. Then make a whistling sound similar to birds chirping as if you are sipping it from a straw. Voila! Has your baby stopped crying? My son is 18 months old … [Read more...]