DIY: Trash and Recycling Center


The trash bin with a butcher block we've built by hacking a kitchen cart with wire baskets 6 years ago started to fall apart. I really liked the fact that trash can was hidden and we additional space to use as either a cutting board when cooking or just counter top space. In the meantime, our needs have changed. City of Chicago brought back the … [Read more...]

DIY: Laptop Stand for Fitness Equipment

DIY Fitness Equipment laptop stand

I had purchased this Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer a while ago to keep me moving indoors during winter. I like it better compared to regular treadmills. It's easy on the knees. I sometimes listened to music or podcasts while I use it but I wanted to read a book or work on my laptop while I ran on Gazelle. It has an odd shape so you cannot … [Read more...]

DIY Garage Ball Storage Rack


This project is one from the summer. The number of various balls in our house have been increasing over the summer. The football ball, basketball ball, soccer ball. The smaller ones for my daughter, the bigger ones for my son. We needed to organize all the balls and get them out of the way. You can find similar ball storage racks and organizers all … [Read more...]

Organizing entryway clutter

Organizing Entryway Clutter

We mainly use our back door to get in house arriving from the garage. This entryway is very limited in terms of space. It's right by the kitchen and the stairs that go to the upper floor. That small area has been a mess for a long time. Our major issue with that mess was finding the stuff kids needed getting out of the house, especially on school … [Read more...]

DIY – LEGO table and storage


Our new LEGO table or workstation was really easy to put together. Main item is the large IKEA Linmonn table that gives enough space to work on for 2 children. We have 10 x 10 plates but I don't have any plans to glue them down. IKEA Adde chairs are better fit than their old IKEA Mammut chairs. (On the table: Organizing LEGO instruction … [Read more...]

Redesigning our playroom


I have been working on a lengthy project in our basement, which is our children's playroom.  It's been quite a while since we set up for early learning, then preschool and kindergarten, while my son already outgrew a lot of stuff, including games, toys and furniture. This summer, I decided to take on a complete overhaul and update the … [Read more...]

Organizing herb, spice and seed bottles


We use herbs, spices and seeds a lot, and we use a lot of them. I also dry my own herbs from the garden during the summer to use all year round. So we had so many different types and sizes of bottles and ziploc bags filled with dry mint, oregano and parsley. Then within all that disorganized crowd we cannot find what we are looking for and go to … [Read more...]

Best indoor plants for air quality

Best indoor plants for air quality

Forests and plants are our source of life on this Earth. They provide us with oxygen and food. What's even nicer is that they aren’t necessarily have to be outdoors. There are many indoor plants for air quality which help decorate your house at the same time. As a matter of fact, I grew up in a household where there was always a corner or a room … [Read more...]

DIY: Trash bin with butcher block


I wanted to hide the trash can in our kitchen out of sight. Kids were playing with its lid and touching it unnecessarily when it's just sitting out. We use a big 13 gallon trash can and non of our existing cabinet is able to hold it. Then I came around this butcher block bin online and was intrigued. However, it was expensive for my budget and … [Read more...]

Moving into new bunk beds


Last year during our trip to my parent's house, kids loved sleeping in the bunk beds that I and my brother used to sleep. Especially my son enjoyed the top bed. As my daughter got closer to outgrowing her crib, we started thinking about how to setup their rooms. Out house layout has 2 rooms on one floor and 2 rooms on the second floor. … [Read more...]

Trofast Children’s Craft Table – DIY


We setup this small table when my kids were much smaller for them to eat snacks by themselves and scribble once in a while at one corner of our living room. During time it became a full fledge craft and drawing place and causing a terrible mess in our living room. So I wanted a craft/drawing table for my two kids, which would also store all of … [Read more...]

Souvenir shelf for kids’ room


We painted and installed the souvenir shelf that I've mentioned in my Traveling with 2 kids - Part 4 post. The shelf is a left over shelf from a past planned but never realized project. It's one of those unfinished plain shelves from a craft store. The paint is IKEA's water based furniture paint. The furniture in kids' room is white. My son … [Read more...]

DIY – Bean bag chair for children


I got few to-do items completed while my mom's here. Kid's loved the giant bean bag chair at my husband's aunt's place in Vancouver. I decided to sew one each for them to rest, read books, play, whatever. I got my instructions from Dorm Decor, “Bean” Bag Chair, Decor it Yourself. She uses a 12-inch pattern. I made a 15-inch pattern. 1. The … [Read more...]

Product Review: Canvas Closet Organizer Shelves


I have been using these canvas organizer shelves since my son was born. They are very practical and handy if: You live in a small condo/house with limited storage space and need to store baby's clothing as organized and categorized as possible. You have a lot of items, such as socks and sweaters that you use every day, but do not want to … [Read more...]

How to quickly fold a shirt – Video

Japanese did it again. As a messy person, who likes to fold my shirt like they do in the stores, I found this video very handy. I needed to watch this 4-5 times before I got it right. Here is how you do it: Lay the t-shirt flat in front of you, back side down and its neck looking right. Pinch hold the side that is farther from you in the … [Read more...]