Tips for Hot Chocolate 5k Run – Chicago


This Sunday morning, I'll run at Hot Chocolate 5k Run in Chicago. This is my 2nd year and I wanted to list my tips for the new runners this year. Bear in mind that I am just a recreational runner as you read my list. Last year, I ran at Hot Chocolate despite the overwhelming negative reviews about how bad the organization was in the last two … [Read more...]

10 tips to get most of your workouts


In addition to eating healthy, I wanted to share some of the important factors and tips I have learned to get the most out of your workouts. A question that I get a lot with exercising is what workout to do? This one, that one? My answer is, pick something that will keep you motivated to move at least 6 days for 30 minutes or more. I do … [Read more...]

Book holder for exercise equipment


Two of my daily goals are to workout and to read every day. Sometimes 24-day is not enough to squeeze these two tasks into. If I can get them both done, then I feel lie I've accomplished a major goal. If I run outside, then I listen to audio boos. If I workout with DVDs then I have to read another time. If I cannot workout another way, I get on my … [Read more...]