Shopping for Ultimate Reset


We got mentally ready for the Ultimate Reset. I am used to grocery shopping and prepping meals, which might be a big change for some others as I read through the support group threads. We finished the food we had in the fridge. I went through the list that I got from the Participant Portal, to see what we already had and what we didn't. The list … [Read more...]

Baked Kale Chips


I have been reading the kale chips, the queen of the healthy snacks craze on many blogs. I had planted kale this year, so this is one of the recipes I tried with kale. First, I washed the leaves thoroughly and cut the stems off. I also cut the rather thicker midribs off. Then cut them in squares. I sprayed them with a little bit of olive … [Read more...]

Product Review: Apple Slicer


You might think I am lazy, when you take a look at the picture of this post. First, yes, I am a bit lazy. In truth, I had thought this product was a lazy-man's-work as well, when I had first seen it. I had thought, can't people use knives to slice an apple anymore? However, I have been using this slicer every single day, sometimes more than once … [Read more...]

Bell pepper flower eggs


This is a Pinterest inpised breakfast. All you have to do is: Find big, curvy bell peppers of any color. Slice them horizontally Put them on a pan Crack the eggs into the slices Make sure peppers touch the pan well so that the egg white does not flow out. Decorate with leaves or cucumbers as you wish.   … [Read more...]

Angry Birds themed breakfast


My children love Angry birds. They knew Angry Birds, even before we had any smart phones. One morning I prepared them Angry Birds themed breakfast, just for the fun of it. I used a leftover pancake from the day before and half a pita bread. Egg whites (from hard cooked egg) and cherry jam pieces for the eyes. Homemade plum marmalade for the face … [Read more...]

Make your own homemade pre-packed waffle and pancake mix


I like to serve different breakfast options to kids during the week. Weekends are pancake and waffle days. If the kids aren't extremely hungry or I haven't decided to sleep in, kids prepare their own pancakes and waffles under my observation - from far away. The recipe is taped to the cabinet door. They know where the ingredients are. They measure … [Read more...]

Teaching kids how to eat healthy

I am known as the crazy daughter or wacky daughter-in-law among my family members. I might turn into a evil witch when people offer unsolicited sweets or candies to my kids. Yes, I am that mother. I love deserts and chocolate myself, that’s for sure, I won't lie. "Sweets and candy" is not limited to grocery/bakery purchased packaged foods. For … [Read more...]

Why is eating healthy so hard?


It is great to be raised in the Mediterranean region and yet sometimes it is not good completely either. I don’t think there is any other kitchen in the world that serves so many varieties of veggies and legumes. I feel really lucky in this sense. Western part of Turkey is source of good quality olive. Therefore, olive oil is staple of our cuisine. … [Read more...]

Prepare ahead

After my regular visit to my doctor, at the checkout I saw this really neat list on the cubicle wall. It was called "101 ways to cope with stress". I think it wasn't only for stress. It was more of a "Oprah got together with Martha Stewart and made a to do list" kind of list. You can find the whole list here. And don't just sneak peek and … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – October 20

I am not sure if I'll be able to blog tomorrow. I will be recovering from a weekend-long yard sale that I hosted alone, by myself, only with all the junk in our house. In addition, I will be working towards my promotion to be a "soccer mom", instead of a plain stay-at-home-mom (rookie sahm, right?), by starting the Music Together classes in the … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday – October 13

Finally...I can post my first weekly menu plan on my blog. Although I have been doing the planning for the last few weeks I couldn't find time to blog.Our menu is mostly Mediterranean dishes. I like to have a soup as starters in fall and winter, then dessert on some days. I still cook separate little dishes for Ela, but Burak is eating what we are … [Read more...]

Fun looking, great tasting meals for children


If you think, decorating the dishes for your children will help them increase their appetite or make them eat better, with some creativity you can create anything with the foods you have on hand. You don't necessarily have to buy the ingredients in a recipe that you see on Pinterest or book. you can get inspired by them, but use the ingredients you … [Read more...]

Three Bean Salad


I learned this recipe from the book called "Perricone Prescription". Ingredients: 1 can of black beans 1 can of chick peas 1 can of red kidney beans 1 onion (if the onion is large, then just use half of it) 1/2 Lemon juice Cumin Directions: Open the cans and rinse the beans out, put them inside a bowl. Chop the onions in … [Read more...]

How to de-seed a pomegranate


Winter time is fresh pomegranate and pomegranate juice time. The hardest part is to cut and de-seed them. There is an easier way to cut and de-seed pomegranates. 1. Before starting, make sure you are wearing an apron. Even though this method prevents the pomegranate from splattering juice stain, make sure you are not wearing anything white or … [Read more...]

Chicken Broth Soup for common cold cure

I wasn't able to add new posts since the terminator cold has entered our house, knocking down my son first, then me. That said, I feel this chicken broth soup recipe is the most appropriate post to share with you with cold viruses making rounds around the country. If you research, you will find many articles from reliable sources that chicken … [Read more...]

Strength Soup for cold winter days

I do not have a scientific proof but I am sure this soup has immune strengthening properties. It is the perfect soup blend for cold winter days like the ones we have in Chicago. Ingredients: 8 cups of beef broth 1 medium yellow onion 1 beet 1 potato 1/2 celery root (head) 1 cup shredded green cabbage 1 tomato 1 tablespoon … [Read more...]

Yogurt Soup for soothing upset stomach

This is a delicious soup that will help calm your upset stomach down if you have nausea or after throwing up with rice's soothing effect. I cook this without salt, however you might add some to taste. Yogurt soup is soft and mushy enough to serve to your babies (who started on solid food) and children. Ingredients: 3/4 cup white or brown … [Read more...]