Gluten free breakfast ideas


When I mention that I follow a gluten-free diet, most of the people cannot figure out what I eat for breakfast. We are conditioned to think a breakfast is not a proper breakfast without wheat such as cereal, bagels, toasts, pancakes, waffles, pastries, oatmeal etc. If you open up yourself to possibilities, with these gluten free breakfast ideas, … [Read more...]

Shopping for Ultimate Reset


We got mentally ready for the Ultimate Reset. I am used to grocery shopping and prepping meals, which might be a big change for some others as I read through the support group threads. We finished the food we had in the fridge. I went through the list that I got from the Participant Portal, to see what we already had and what we didn't. The list … [Read more...]

Teaching kids how to eat healthy

I am known as the crazy daughter or wacky daughter-in-law among my family members. I might turn into a evil witch when people offer unsolicited sweets or candies to my kids. Yes, I am that mother. I love deserts and chocolate myself, that’s for sure, I won't lie. "Sweets and candy" is not limited to grocery/bakery purchased packaged foods. For … [Read more...]

Why is eating healthy so hard?


It is great to be raised in the Mediterranean region and yet sometimes it is not good completely either. I don’t think there is any other kitchen in the world that serves so many varieties of veggies and legumes. I feel really lucky in this sense. Western part of Turkey is source of good quality olive. Therefore, olive oil is staple of our cuisine. … [Read more...]