Product Review: Crib Tent

We bought this canopy when our baby started standing up and figured out that he could actually bounce on the crib mattress. Benefits: It prevents the baby from climbing out or jumping out of the crib. It prevents the baby from reaching out to the drawer on which we had to place the CD-player and the speakers and fall down. It helps keep … [Read more...]

Swaddling for newborn babies

Swaddling is one of the main methods recommended in some of the books written in regards to sleeping such as “ The happiest baby on the block”, “ Healthy sleep habits, happy child” and “ Baby whisperer”. Swaddling was also demonstrated and suggested to during the baby/ childcare classes we attended before the birth of our child.  I believe it has … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Music

After I recorded my own lullaby and soothing sounds album, I setup a CD/mp3 player and mini speaker system by my son's crib.  I used music to help him fall asleep and keep asleep. I used my old portable CD player and ancient mini PC speakers. Now there are many products that play CD and iPod with built in speakers and even attach to the … [Read more...]

Record your own Lullaby CD for your baby


Before my son started falling asleep by himself, I used to shush and sing lullabies to calm him down and help transition to sleep for longer periods of time. Sometimes it would take him such a long time to wind down and fall asleep that I started to develop wrinkles around my lips from shushing for more than half an hour. As a solution, I decided … [Read more...]