Why do kids who have hard time waking up during school days, wake up early during weekends?


My son is in second grade and my daughter is in preschool. They go to different schools and their starting times are different. In order to make it to the school bus, I have to wake my son up, the latest at 6:30 am during school days. It is hard for him to wake up at 6:30 am even though he goes to bed as early as possible. It's even hard for me to … [Read more...]

Product Review: Portable Hide Away Bed Rail


Kids have been sleeping in their new bunk beds for a long time. My son is 6,5 and daughter is 4 years-old now. They occasionally wake up at night. Sometimes they come into our bed in the morning. In some cases, when they need to sleep in separate rooms, when one still wants to chat, we take one into our bedroom (until they fall asleep) and the … [Read more...]

Easy wearable blanket for children


My daughter grew out of her Cozy blanket with arms for children. I decided to use one of her existing blankets and turned it into a wearable blanket. It's the easiest solution to keep the kids covered with their blankets at night. Materials: 1. Blanket big enough to cover your child 2. Ribbon 3. Bias (optional) Directions: 1. Measure and … [Read more...]

Moving into new bunk beds


Last year during our trip to my parent's house, kids loved sleeping in the bunk beds that I and my brother used to sleep. Especially my son enjoyed the top bed. As my daughter got closer to outgrowing her crib, we started thinking about how to setup their rooms. Out house layout has 2 rooms on one floor and 2 rooms on the second floor. … [Read more...]

Siblings share a bed

Once upon time, Daddy was late. It was upon mommy, To put the kids to bed. Once she put them In their own rooms, Kids started calling mommy From opposite directions. Tired of running in between rooms mommy decided to tuck the little one in her big brother's bed. Kids thought it was a game first. Then were surprised when lights were … [Read more...]

Separate room readiness test for children and parents


Our babies slept in their cribs, in our room, from the day they came from the hospital until they were 8 months-old (2,5 years apart). Around 8-months, after a test I'll call "separate room readiness test", we decided to move them into their own rooms for their and our sake. Actually, let me rephrase, we moved out of the room and found ourselves a … [Read more...]

Cozy blanket with arms for children

My daughter is quite independent and can dress up and down by herself. Which is really good. Except when we find her stripped to her underwear, when we go to check upon her after she goes to sleep. it's really hard to get her dressed when she's a sleep. Not because she won't fall back asleep if she wakes up, but she gets really upset if she wakes … [Read more...]

Book Review: The happiest baby on the block

I read so many books on baby sleep and daily routine that I really appreciated Chicago Public Library had the VHS version of Happiest baby on the block. It was two hours of crash course on the 5 essential methods to comfort the baby and help him/her to fall asleep. The 5 “S” explained in the video are: • Swaddling  • Side/stomach … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part III


SLEEPING CEREMONY Let’s talk about how my son fell asleep. We always regarded this as "a ceremony or ritual". All books talk about this as a ritual without exception. A ritual with same activities so that the baby knows what is coming.  At the beginning, I calmed him down for a while, since my son was a "spirited" type.  We could never once … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part II


EATING Eating is an important part of the whole daily routine as sleep that includes (mother's) milk at first and then solid foods. I knew, just like a vicious cycle,  if my son did not eat enough, that he was going to be hungry again in less than 3 hours, therefore wake up in the middle of his nap/sleep because he is hungry.  I had shared with … [Read more...]

Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg – Part I

COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR BABY BW starts by reminding parents that the baby, even not very interactive for first few months, is not a part of you, not a mini-you or a material object but is a completely different person of his/her own. One might ask, "yeah, of course! what kind of an ignorant statement is this?". However especially during those … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Routine – III

CRYING BABIES As a new mom, initially, it's hard to accept that babies do cry. That is the only way for them to express their needs as a newborn. They cannot use mimics or words for milk or a diapers change.  When they are comfortable, they look around quietly and peacefully and cry when they need something. (Grandmas, mothers, aunties or … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Routine – II

SECRET WORD: DAILY ROUTINE Babies do need a certain routine. In their new home, they need safety, objects and sounds they are familiar with utmost. Changes excite them but if  they would know what is going to happen, what is going to come by with their parents' signs, they would be less uncomfortable and can move from feeding to play and from … [Read more...]

Baby’s Sleep Routine – I

I have compiled the information I am about to share with you through my personal observations, experiences as well as the books and articles I have read on the subject. Though some of the information contains general facts, technical information, it might also reflect my own thoughts and beliefs. Every baby is different. Some babies might be … [Read more...]

Sleeping like a baby

I am going to write a series about sleeping habits for babies - and their parents - of course. Once you become parents, some of the main issues you mainly deal with are feeding the baby/appetite as well as sleeping habits.  There is a saying "Sleeping like a baby". Many parents and I, we ask ourselves who came up with this unrealistic … [Read more...]

Disposable Mattress Pad as Baby Changing Pad


Wherever you change your baby's diaper, at a changing table, on the crib mattress, on the bed, on the carpet, it just gets messy and dirty. Especially, with boys, who tend to squirt as soon as you open their diapers. In these cases plastic changing pads or fabric protectors aren't very practical either. I started using the "disposable bed … [Read more...]