Books to help children prepare for a new sibling


Here are the list of books we used and loved on preparation of the arrival of a new sister: I am a Big Brother  My son and I have enjoyed this book the most. This is ideal for children of my son’s age (2,5). You can also find big sister version of it. I am a Big Sister Hello Baby! This is a nice book as well. Lots of illustrations. This is … [Read more...]

Preparing our son for the arrival of his new sibling

We have completed our preparations for the arrival or our new baby as much as we could.  I went out for one last time to buy things which were on my missing stuff list. After my son, we did not have that many missing items anyway. I only bought containers for milk, garbage bags for diapers and boppy pillow.  The old ones were really old. I found an … [Read more...]

Hospital bag checklist for labor and delivery

Hospital bag checklist labor delivery

The other day, I got in over my head and decided to run around with my son. Of course, I fell short of breath at night, got cramps on my feet, and just couldn’t wait to lie down. At that moment, it dawned upon me that I am only a month away from my due date. If she has taken after her brother, we might wait for a little longer, but this girl is … [Read more...]

Creating your birth plan

Pregnant woman with pink flower

As an expecting mother, you should be aware (and accepting) that nothing might go as planned during pregnancy, delivery, as well as after baby’s birth. However, this does not mean that you should not be prepared in advance. Birth plan is something you prepare by talking to your doctor and spouse/partner. It is a list of your choices for the … [Read more...]

How accurate is the Chinese Gender Calendar?


Every culture has their own methods to predict the gender of the baby, before the ultrasound technician confirms it at the 20 month check-up. One of them is Chinese Gender Calendar. It is based on your age when you get pregnant and the month that you get pregnant. Please vote, whether this calendar correctly predicted the gender of your baby (or … [Read more...]