Preparing our son for the arrival of his new sibling

We have completed our preparations for the arrival or our new baby as much as we could.  I went out for one last time to buy things which were on my missing stuff list. After my son, we did not have that many missing items anyway. I only bought containers for milk, garbage bags for diapers and boppy pillow.  The old ones were really old. I found an … [Read more...]

Nasal Congestion and Runny Nose Remedies for Babies


We are at the point of season change. Runny nose, nasal congestion, flu are common spread amongst children. We go the library, or during playtime, everyone’s nose is running and sneezing. Especially if you have children that are going to day care or school, this is non stoppable. The hardest is the babies. They can’t breathe, they don’t know how to … [Read more...]

Hospital bag checklist for labor and delivery

Hospital bag checklist labor delivery

The other day, I got in over my head and decided to run around with my son. Of course, I fell short of breath at night, got cramps on my feet, and just couldn’t wait to lie down. At that moment, it dawned upon me that I am only a month away from my due date. If she has taken after her brother, we might wait for a little longer, but this girl is … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding – Other questions

I decided to answer a couple of the common questions about breastfeeding. These questions are great for my readers who don’t read the comments: 1-      If your baby is just playing at the breast instead of nursing: This usually happens when your baby is about 3 months old and when (s)he can see better and chooses to observe his or her … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding 107 – Storing Breast Milk


Even if you do not go to work after your baby is born and become a stay-at-home-mom, you might find pumping and storing your milk helpful.  You have to use either a hand pump or an electric pump to express your milk and store it in the refrigerator. Here are the advantages of storing breast milk: If you have to go out, so that you can have milk … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding 102 – First Experience after Birth

Every pregnant woman looks forward to nursing their babies with with a curious wonder. This is the bond that connects the baby to the mother after carrying him/her inside hew womb for 9 months. I cannot exactly describe the feeling that comes over during nursing. You kind of feel elated or in seventh heaven, a total bliss of motherhood (once you … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding 101 – Amazing Mother’s Milk

I am going to write a series on breastfeeding, just like the one I wrote on sleeping by composing the information I read in the books, recommendations I received from other mothers and my own personal experiences. First, I want to write about the physiological features of mother’s milk as well as its production. I don’t want to act as if we are … [Read more...]

Could you scratch my back, please?


Have you ever thought that your baby might need his/her back scratched as well? I am not going to write that "according to this or that professor’s research" they itch a lot. I don’t have any scientific research or information in hand but my back always itches and I love to have my back scratched. I literally purr when my husband scratches my … [Read more...]

What to do when you’re past your due date

When you are past your due date

When you are past your due date provided by your ob/gyn at the beginning of your pregnancy, it's not a big red flag unless advised by your ob/gyn. Based on my experience, I know expectant mothers look for ways to help initiate the labor. I want to share some of the things you can do, if your due date has passed. Having experienced this once … [Read more...]

Power windows in cars pose danger for children


Apparently many kids are victims of strangulation or asphyxiation after their necks were caught by power windows. According to the families, these accidents happened in a milisecond when they weren't paying attention to their kids who were playing in the car or trying to get out of the car through the window. See the difference in the two … [Read more...]

Magnetic toys: Potential hazard for children

A news article I've read today, prompted me to write another post under "Safety" subject. This time the hazard is the magnetic toys. The consumer product safety commission recalled all Magnetix magnetic toys after being notified of more than 30 incidents involving small magnets, one of which was the death of a toddler. The magnets, when … [Read more...]

ICE- In Case of Emergency

I would like to continue my posts about Safety, following "Baby and Child Safety Tips in the Home – Living Room / Play Room", "Safety: Car safety for babies and children", "Safety: First Aid and CPR for babies and children" and "Parents’ emergency phone list". ICE- In Case of Emergency, is a program that helps emergency personnel such as … [Read more...]

How lactation consultants help breastfeeding mothers

After the birth of your baby, while you are still in the hospital, one thing I would definitely suggest you, is to consult “Lactation Consultants”. If you have a natural birth, you will stay at the hospital for two days. If you have a C-section, you will stay for four days. During this time at least once, better twice, talk to these … [Read more...]

Product Review: Supplemental Nursing System


We might insist on doing things a certain way with the passion of wanting to be "super mothers" during the first days of motherhood. I am guilty of this crime as well. Despite the fact that I started breastfeeding and my colostrum came immediately after I gave birth, my son started losing weight rapidly in the next few days. My doctor and nurses … [Read more...]