Product Review: Portable Hide Away Bed Rail


Kids have been sleeping in their new bunk beds for a long time. My son is 6,5 and daughter is 4 years-old now. They occasionally wake up at night. Sometimes they come into our bed in the morning. In some cases, when they need to sleep in separate rooms, when one still wants to chat, we take one into our bedroom (until they fall asleep) and the … [Read more...]

How my transformation began


THIS IS HOW EVERYTHING STARTED 2004: Before I got pregnant for my son, I was fit as far as my weight and measurements went. I was working out regularly. My pregnancy went really well. Despite being chocolateholic, I never touched sweets and/or chocolate during my pregnancy. (started 140 lbs. -63.5 kg) 2005: Giving birth in May is a wonderful … [Read more...]

Easy wearable blanket for children


My daughter grew out of her Cozy blanket with arms for children. I decided to use one of her existing blankets and turned it into a wearable blanket. It's the easiest solution to keep the kids covered with their blankets at night. Materials: 1. Blanket big enough to cover your child 2. Ribbon 3. Bias (optional) Directions: 1. Measure and … [Read more...]

Moving into new bunk beds


Last year during our trip to my parent's house, kids loved sleeping in the bunk beds that I and my brother used to sleep. Especially my son enjoyed the top bed. As my daughter got closer to outgrowing her crib, we started thinking about how to setup their rooms. Out house layout has 2 rooms on one floor and 2 rooms on the second floor. … [Read more...]

Siblings share a bed

Once upon time, Daddy was late. It was upon mommy, To put the kids to bed. Once she put them In their own rooms, Kids started calling mommy From opposite directions. Tired of running in between rooms mommy decided to tuck the little one in her big brother's bed. Kids thought it was a game first. Then were surprised when lights were … [Read more...]

Separate room readiness test for children and parents


Our babies slept in their cribs, in our room, from the day they came from the hospital until they were 8 months-old (2,5 years apart). Around 8-months, after a test I'll call "separate room readiness test", we decided to move them into their own rooms for their and our sake. Actually, let me rephrase, we moved out of the room and found ourselves a … [Read more...]

We have begun our descent


Mark April 23, 2010, as the date I weighed my heaviest. Supposedly, I was eating healthy with seafood and salad for in Sweden. With all the stress and not moving around, I have put on 6 lbs in 3 weeks. I weighed for 3 consecutive days. No change. I started working out. Adding the gardening and all the outdoor activities with kids, I've lost 5 of … [Read more...]

Cozy blanket with arms for children

My daughter is quite independent and can dress up and down by herself. Which is really good. Except when we find her stripped to her underwear, when we go to check upon her after she goes to sleep. it's really hard to get her dressed when she's a sleep. Not because she won't fall back asleep if she wakes up, but she gets really upset if she wakes … [Read more...]

How do I teach my child to blow their nose?


One of the biggest troubles with common cold is cleaning the runny noses of small children. I had shared some of the methods I use, in my Fighting colds post. In my opinion, one of the most important developmental milestone for children is to learn to blow their noses. Despite our doctor’s prediction saying they would only learn that at around 3 … [Read more...]

How did this happen?

Last weekend we went skiing up north. Everyone came back healthy, except for my swollen purple eye. Since the extreme weather is over Chicago, I have decided to keep the kids at home. I haven't even sent my son to preschool since Tuesday. Stayed at home and played in our newly decorated basement. Only my husband went to work. And what … [Read more...]

Teaching toddlers safety at home


In my previous posts I wrote about the precautions we must take as parents and child proofing, in order to protect our children against the dangers and any possible accidents at home. As our babies grow into toddling phase we can also teach them, within the scope of their physical and mental abilities, how to protect themselves against such … [Read more...]


I am terribly craving to read a book. I have so many waiting for me on the shelves of my library. Childcare and child psychology ones, books about plays, novels, books in foreign languages - which if I don't practice soon enough, I'll forget. And I am about to order another batch from, after a long long time. I was able to get by, by … [Read more...]

Oral and dental care for infants and babies

Oral dental care for babies

Infants We started to wipe my son's mouth with a wet, clean gauze pad when he was 2-3 months old upon the advice of our pediatrician. As I wrote in my post about thrush, when my son had thrush, we also added baking soda to the water in which we soaked the gauze. We started using the same method as soon as my daughter was born. Benefits of … [Read more...]

Is it normal for an infant not to poop for days?


My son, was pooping - what was normal to me at the time - 3- times a day as an infant. So when my daughter didn't poop for a week when she was 2 weeks old, everyone in the family freaked out. We learned through this experience that breastfeeding babies could go without pooping as long as a week and not considered constipated. Surprisingly, this is … [Read more...]

How to help your baby fight a cold naturally


Unfortunately, now that there are two kids in the house, they share everything including viruses. Two weeks ago, my son got the flu. Despite all our efforts and precautions, my daughter got it too. A 6-month-old baby with a congested nose is heartbreaking. But we were determined. We've had a similar 6-month-long cold drama with my son when he was … [Read more...]

Books to help children prepare for a new sibling


Here are the list of books we used and loved on preparation of the arrival of a new sister: I am a Big Brother  My son and I have enjoyed this book the most. This is ideal for children of my son’s age (2,5). You can also find big sister version of it. I am a Big Sister Hello Baby! This is a nice book as well. Lots of illustrations. This is … [Read more...]