How to teach your kids about stranger safety

We are raising our kids in an era of paranoia. Even though I consider my own parents as cautious and prudent, I am not sure I would be able to let my kids to do the things that I was able to do leisurely when I was growing up. (see parenting manual, chapter on “you’ll understand when you have kids”) At least, you could trust a small circle of … [Read more...]

Teaching toddlers safety at home


In my previous posts I wrote about the precautions we must take as parents and child proofing, in order to protect our children against the dangers and any possible accidents at home. As our babies grow into toddling phase we can also teach them, within the scope of their physical and mental abilities, how to protect themselves against such … [Read more...]

Power windows in cars pose danger for children


Apparently many kids are victims of strangulation or asphyxiation after their necks were caught by power windows. According to the families, these accidents happened in a milisecond when they weren't paying attention to their kids who were playing in the car or trying to get out of the car through the window. See the difference in the two … [Read more...]

Parents’ emergency phone list


Prepare multiple copies of this list, one big size for board, refrigerator or by the phone at home and multiple wallet-sizes for parents, grandparents, nannies, other caregivers. List should include: Home phone Mom's cell/work Dad's cell/work Other emergency contacts (family, friends) Pediatricians office Poison Control Center … [Read more...]

Safety: Car safety for babies and children

According to the laws in USA, you must take your new born baby home from the hospital in a car seat. When travelling in a car, make sure you baby sits in the back seat in a car seat and make sure to fasten the seat belt.  Making excuses such as, car being too cluttered with baby seat, that the distance is too short, baby not liking the car seat … [Read more...]