How do I teach my child to blow their nose?


One of the biggest troubles with common cold is cleaning the runny noses of small children. I had shared some of the methods I use, in my Fighting colds post. In my opinion, one of the most important developmental milestone for children is to learn to blow their noses. Despite our doctor’s prediction saying they would only learn that at around 3 … [Read more...]

How did this happen?

Last weekend we went skiing up north. Everyone came back healthy, except for my swollen purple eye. Since the extreme weather is over Chicago, I have decided to keep the kids at home. I haven't even sent my son to preschool since Tuesday. Stayed at home and played in our newly decorated basement. Only my husband went to work. And what … [Read more...]


I am terribly craving to read a book. I have so many waiting for me on the shelves of my library. Childcare and child psychology ones, books about plays, novels, books in foreign languages - which if I don't practice soon enough, I'll forget. And I am about to order another batch from, after a long long time. I was able to get by, by … [Read more...]

Oral and dental care for infants and babies

Oral dental care for babies

Infants We started to wipe my son's mouth with a wet, clean gauze pad when he was 2-3 months old upon the advice of our pediatrician. As I wrote in my post about thrush, when my son had thrush, we also added baking soda to the water in which we soaked the gauze. We started using the same method as soon as my daughter was born. Benefits of … [Read more...]

Is it normal for an infant not to poop for days?


My son, was pooping - what was normal to me at the time - 3- times a day as an infant. So when my daughter didn't poop for a week when she was 2 weeks old, everyone in the family freaked out. We learned through this experience that breastfeeding babies could go without pooping as long as a week and not considered constipated. Surprisingly, this is … [Read more...]

How to help your baby fight a cold naturally


Unfortunately, now that there are two kids in the house, they share everything including viruses. Two weeks ago, my son got the flu. Despite all our efforts and precautions, my daughter got it too. A 6-month-old baby with a congested nose is heartbreaking. But we were determined. We've had a similar 6-month-long cold drama with my son when he was … [Read more...]

Nasal Congestion and Runny Nose Remedies for Babies


We are at the point of season change. Runny nose, nasal congestion, flu are common spread amongst children. We go the library, or during playtime, everyone’s nose is running and sneezing. Especially if you have children that are going to day care or school, this is non stoppable. The hardest is the babies. They can’t breathe, they don’t know how to … [Read more...]

Could you scratch my back, please?


Have you ever thought that your baby might need his/her back scratched as well? I am not going to write that "according to this or that professor’s research" they itch a lot. I don’t have any scientific research or information in hand but my back always itches and I love to have my back scratched. I literally purr when my husband scratches my … [Read more...]

Magnetic toys: Potential hazard for children

A news article I've read today, prompted me to write another post under "Safety" subject. This time the hazard is the magnetic toys. The consumer product safety commission recalled all Magnetix magnetic toys after being notified of more than 30 incidents involving small magnets, one of which was the death of a toddler. The magnets, when … [Read more...]

ICE- In Case of Emergency

I would like to continue my posts about Safety, following "Baby and Child Safety Tips in the Home – Living Room / Play Room", "Safety: Car safety for babies and children", "Safety: First Aid and CPR for babies and children" and "Parents’ emergency phone list". ICE- In Case of Emergency, is a program that helps emergency personnel such as … [Read more...]

Safety: First Aid and CPR for babies and children


Though we (should) take all precautions in advance, for the safety of our babies and children, we need to be prepared for unexpected emergency situations as well. We need learn first aid (CPR) methods and be able to administer these at the time of emergencies. We should also teach them to whomever is taking care of our babies or kids as well … [Read more...]

How to prevent ear infection in babies and toodlers

Prevent ear infections

Between 6 months old (right after flu shot) and 1 years old, my son had a chronic runny nose problem, that turned into ear infection multiple times. Those were hard times. I do not wish stuffy nose and congested upper respiratory system on any baby. Every time his nose started to run again, I tried every possible method, tip and trick to prevent it … [Read more...]

Oral Thrush in Babies

This is one of those motherhood experiences, where I eventually had to accept my mom was right and she told me so. My son had thrush on his tongue, when he was about 2 months old. Thrush is an infection of the mouth caused by the candida fungus, also known as yeast. A common sign of thrush is the presence of creamy white, slightly raised lesions … [Read more...]