Massage for ear infection and earache

Earache relieving massage

My son used to have ear infections very frequently before he had his adenoids and tonsils removed. He used to suffer from earaches a lot and we used to help him get better with pain relievers. At that time, we got help from an osteopath but no matter how much he tried ear infection came back. The last ear infection he got was last summer because of … [Read more...]

Not-so-scary Halloween Treat Ideas


If you've seen my Healthy Halloween treats post last year, you already know that I'm "that mom" in our block, by now. This year, I'm adding familiar faces (characters) to my portfolio. Welcome, Ninja Turtle Apples! They take more work (and material) than clementine Jack-o-lanterns. I used crepe streamers, marker and glue. Beware that Sharpie ink … [Read more...]

Book Review: Perfect Health for Kids


"Perfect Health for Kids - 10 Ayurvedic Health Secrets Every Parent Must Know" is a book about health care, not sick care. I learned so many vital health information, not only for my children’s health but also for all of us in the family. I read the book again in order to prepare for the new school year, where good health and mental focus is … [Read more...]

“Taste it once” rule

My kids aren't picky - luckily - and they have a good appetite. However, time to time, when they are offered new food or dishes, they might be reluctant to try. My son is a little bit sensitive to smell and texture in taste. My daughter, might refuse either to imitate her brother, or just because she's decided so. It sometimes works other way … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 3


TGIF! I woke up early to fix my husbands breakfast and lunch. For next week, I think I'll prepare everything, except for the eggs, the night before. I had no headaches or issues. Not much of a hunger. I am now drinking close to 100 oz. water every day. We went out for a walk in the afternoon around the block and to the grocery with my mom. I … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 2


Day 2 went pretty well for me. My husband had major hunger complaints. My mom told me, she had a headache in the afternoon. I had an energy blast in the morning. I felt like going out to run. I did 25 mins of yoga. I got hungry around 4 pm as usual. I have been drinking water in between meals like I found an oasis in a desert. What I learned … [Read more...]

Hashimoto Diagnosis after my second child’s birth

My son is a spring baby. I gained reasonable and timely weight during my pregnancy. I exercised, I walked. Despite the fact that I walked more than I ever did, my son came 9 days later than my due date. After his birth, we kept walking by the lake everyday with my son. When he was 1 years old, I attended the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  I was back … [Read more...]

Supplementing Vitamin D in winter months


Vitamin D is a vitamin that is fat-soluble and not found widely in foods we consume. It is very crucial for adults and kids. It is required for bone health and immune system. It helps our body to absorb calcium and promote bone health. The very basic source of vitamin D is through the absorption sunlight through out skin. Our body produces … [Read more...]

Teaching kids how to eat healthy

I am known as the crazy daughter or wacky daughter-in-law among my family members. I might turn into a evil witch when people offer unsolicited sweets or candies to my kids. Yes, I am that mother. I love deserts and chocolate myself, that’s for sure, I won't lie. "Sweets and candy" is not limited to grocery/bakery purchased packaged foods. For … [Read more...]

Rome wasn’t built in a day


Those who have “healthy eating, exercising and losing weight” at the top of their whose New Year resolution list and started working on the list right away on the 1st (or Monday the 2nd). How is it goingAny progress? I don’t know what you expect from yourself. If everything is going the way you planned, then great. I just wanted to write you, … [Read more...]

Preparing children for emergencies

Most of us must have experienced the nightmarish experience of being separated from our parents and getting lost in public.. I have experienced both. It happened to me when I was about 5 and to this day I remember it very clearly even though I don't any other memory until I was was. Thank God my mother found me later on. That scare I had when I … [Read more...]

How my transformation began


THIS IS HOW EVERYTHING STARTED 2004: Before I got pregnant for my son, I was fit as far as my weight and measurements went. I was working out regularly. My pregnancy went really well. Despite being chocolateholic, I never touched sweets and/or chocolate during my pregnancy. (started 140 lbs. -63.5 kg) 2005: Giving birth in May is a wonderful … [Read more...]

We have begun our descent


Mark April 23, 2010, as the date I weighed my heaviest. Supposedly, I was eating healthy with seafood and salad for in Sweden. With all the stress and not moving around, I have put on 6 lbs in 3 weeks. I weighed for 3 consecutive days. No change. I started working out. Adding the gardening and all the outdoor activities with kids, I've lost 5 of … [Read more...]