Chickens make great pets


We’ve celebrated our 4th anniversary of being backyard chicken owners this past month. It’s amazing how time flew since my son came home with a chirping shoe box and I had to scramble through the city to find baby chick feed, feeder, and waterer. Since then we had a rooster, which had to move to a farm nearby after he started crowing and 4 … [Read more...]

DIY: Trash and Recycling Center


The trash bin with a butcher block we've built by hacking a kitchen cart with wire baskets 6 years ago started to fall apart. I really liked the fact that trash can was hidden and we additional space to use as either a cutting board when cooking or just counter top space. In the meantime, our needs have changed. City of Chicago brought back the … [Read more...]

Daily themes for after school family fun


As full-time working parents of children attending public school, after school time is particularly invaluable for us. Their school ends early afternoon. They attend extracurricular programs after school 4 days of the work week. I or my husband can pick them up usually around 5-6 pm. That leaves us around 2,5-3,5 hours to have some type of family … [Read more...]

20 Thermos school lunch ideas

20 Thermos Hot Lunch Ideas

Since Chicago Public schools changed their food provider to Aramark about 4 years ago, I've been packing school lunch for my kids at home every single school day. Their school food is not only unhealthy but also terrible. My son who would eat fast food 3 meals a day every day if provided, refuses to eat any school lunch including his favorite, … [Read more...]

DIY: Dry erase whiteboard wall

DIY Dry erase white board

I've been planning to turn one of the large walls in our basement into a dry erase whiteboard for a long time. I even purchased a set of dry erase paint, black chalkboard paint and magnetic primer but as always things got in the way. When I started to get ready and finally paint the wall, I read that dry erase paints had an expiration date and … [Read more...]

10 uses of headlamp indoors

Uses of headlamp

What do you use when you need extra, focused lighting: Flashlight? Lantern light? Smartphone light? Before smartphones, all we knew were flashlights. They are handy but hey always occupy one hand, leaving you only one hand to work with. I always knew people used headlamps outdoors in the dark but until a friend of ours got one for my son for his … [Read more...]

Ideas for fun and memorable family traditions


My son is a creature of habit or traditions I might say. He has liked his routines since birth. He likes certainty and having his expectations met on an ordinary day. I, on the other hand, growing up with few family traditions, didn't think much of any of this before noticing the value my son puts on these simple traditions we create as a family. … [Read more...]

10 must-have products for parents on the go

10 must have products for parents(1)

I feel like I'm always chasing someone or someone is chasing me. And this is with only 2 kids. Sometimes, I feel like my mind is left behind while I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Somehow, most of the time, I manage to pull off looking as if I have my act together with the help of few life-saving products. For me, … [Read more...]