DIY: Hairdressers cape with window

Hairdressers cape with windowDisclosure
I cut everyone’s hair in our household. I have a small kit including Conair 21-piece haircut kit and a hairdressers cape.
I’m fairly quick but kids love to read books when I’m cutting their hair. Then hair clippings fall on to the book. It’s annoying and hard to get rid of all the hair from the pages. I decided to put a clear vinyl window on the cape, so that they can comfortably read their books while I cut their hair.
Our hairdressers cape is made of nylon. Using the measurements of a medium sized book, I cut out a rectangle.
Then I cut out another rectangle from a clear vinyl fabric with sides 1″ longer than the cape window I cut out earlier.

As the last step, I glued the vinyl window on to the window opening on the reverse side of the cape.


Now they can read their books without having hair clippings fall on them. Don’t tell my kids but my husband checks his phone while I cut his hair. ;)

Items I used in this project are:

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