Camping Packing Checklist (Printable)

CampingPackingChecklistCamping season has started quite early for us. We had a great weekend camping, hiking and just resting at the camp. We prepared our camping packing checklist in advance and marked everything checked as we loaded the car. Then at the camp, we realized we forgot some few important items such as pillows and speakers, which we added to our list.

  • Customize clothing items as per the weather forecast. Make sure you pay close attention to the lowest temp, because that’s the temperature you’d want to dress up for at night. Get extra layers or blankets to avoid early morning shivers.
  • You can find tables and grilling equipment in most established camping sites. If you are going camping off the grid, you’d need folding tables and grill as well.
  • Pack your perishable foods with lots of ice. Freeze meat beforehand and pack them with ice. Don’t buy more than 2 nights of perishable food, especially meat.
  • Buy water in 5 gallon bottle to avoid too much plastic waste. When using disposable cups, write names on them with markers and use them multiple times.
  • You can pack your “confidential documents” to be destroyed or shredded to burn them in the camp fire.

I am sharing our master list. You can also find the printable checklist below.

PMIconclearCamping Setup

    • Tent
    • Inflatable beds/cots
    • Air pump
    • Sleeping bags
    • Pillows
    • Extra blankets
    • Folding Chairs
    • Hammock
    • Duct tape
    • Rope for outdoors


    • Charcoal / Charcoal fluid
    • Wood
    • Lighter
    • Grill grid
    • Grilling Tools (brush, tong, fork, spatula)
    • Pot (boiling water)
    • Table cover
    • Aluminum foil / Saran wrap / Ziploc bags
    • Knives
    • Plates / Cups / Cutlery
    • Trash bags
    • Coolers


    • Daytime clothes
    • Bedtime clothes
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Swimsuits
    • Rain gear
    • Footwear: Flip flops, hiking boots etc.
    • Hats
    • Sunglasses

PMIconclearLighting / Electronics

    • Extension cord
    • Charging cables
    • Speakers
    • Extra Batteries
    • Lantern lamp
    • Flash light / Headlamp
    • Camera
    • Speakers


    • Drinking water
    • Eggs / Milk / Cereal / Bread
    • Nut spreads / jam
    • Meat / Veggies (for grilling)
    • Fruit
    • Marshmallows / Graham crackers
    • Chocolate bar
    • Salt/pepper/seasoning
    • Condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard)

PMIconclearPersonal Care

    • Paper towel / Wet wipes / Toilet Paper
    • Soap/Shampoo
    • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug repellent balm or spray
    • Beach towel / Hand Towel
    • Citronella Candles / Bug zapper
    • First aid kit


    • Board games
    • Ball / Frisbee / Badminton
    • Fishing gear
    • Telescope
    • Books


Printable Camping Packing Checlist

Camping Packing Checklist

*I created our list for our children, ages 11 and 8. For earlier ages, you might want to add age appropriate kiddy equipment such as potty adapter, floating devices for swimming, sleeping friends, sippy cups etc.


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