DIY: Laptop Stand for Fitness Equipment

I had purchased this Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer a while ago to keep me moving indoors during winter. I like it better compared to regular treadmills. It’s easy on the knees. I sometimes listened to music or podcasts while I use it but I wanted to read a book or work on my laptop while I ran on Gazelle.

It has an odd shape so you cannot really use the book holders or laptop stands on the market. I initially made this makeshift book holder from cardboard that I used to hang on a floor lamp, but it wasn’t very practical and couldn’t use my laptop. Then I designed and built this laptop stand using a book holder and and a piece of wood we had at home.
DIY Fitness Equipment laptop stand

My design was pretty simple. A stand to fit on the display monitor of the fitness equipment and strong enough to carry a laptop.

First I built a base for the stand to sit on the display monitor of the fitness equipment. I screwed the wood pieces together using Kreg Jig R3 pocket hole system. I made sure it fit tightly on the display and did not have any wiggle room. Then I screwed the galvanized post base on the wooden stand.
Finally, I fastened the Plastic Book Stand on to the post base. I bent upper side of the post base so that book or the device would lay at a slight angle on the stand.

I’ve been using this over a year and it still holds my laptop and keeps me moving.

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