DIY: Minecraft knee patch for kids – w/ printable pattern

diy minecraft knee patch
My son had already ripped two of his pants’ knees before I was able to prevent them from being ripped. Those were good sweatpants. I didn’t want to trash them. So I decided to patch them. You can find really neat knee patch ideas on Pinterest. My favorite is monster knee patches. My son wanted Minecraft instead of monsters.
IMG_7939 So I did it using these materials:

  • Felt fabric
  • Heat’n bond ultrabond

diy minecraft knee patch


  • I created patterns for Creeper and Enderman. You can download the free Minecraft knee patch pattern printable here.
  • I cut the fabric and sewed the eyes and mouth in. I finished the edges with zigzag stitches. If you want to skip sewing machine, you can use a glue gun or fabric glue to attached them on the face.


  • Patches are ready to be ironed on with heat’n bond. Tip: If the tear / hole is larger, sew it up before ironing the patches on. Otherwise, the bond will not hold the fabric together.


  • Following the instructions, cut the paper to your required shape and size. Peel the wrong side and iron it on.


  • Peel the right side and put your patch on the bond.


  • Iron on the patch on the hole on the knee.

diy minecraft knee patch
Looks good to me. He wears them to school. Misson accomplished!
diy minecraft knee patch

Don’t forget to download your Minecraft Knee Patch Pattern printable.

Minecraft Knee Patch Pattern Printable

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