When baby teeth fall out but permanent teeth don’t come in right away

PermanentTeethLateMy daughter’s lower front teeth fell out right before she turned 6. The permanent teeth were growing even before the baby teeth could fall out. They hung on by a thread for quite a while, which caused the adult teeth to grow inwards for a while.

On the other hand, her two upper front teeth fell out last April when when was close to 7,5. This time, there were no adult teeth in sight. She was smiling with a huge front gap in her mouth. One month passed, two months passed but there were no signs of permanent teeth, not even a bulge in the gums. She was having hard time biting through her food. We were checking frequently. We had her massage her gums by eating apples.

At four months, I started to get worried and called her dentists who she visits every 6 months for cleaning. She informed me that her adult teeth were visible in her most recent x-ray and it was usual for some kids to grow their adult teeth up to 6 months after they lost their baby teeth. I was relieved.

A month after that call, close to 6 months after she lost her tooth, finally the permanent teeth broke out of her gum. We were ecstatic for such a minor milestone. I think she was also starting to feel self-aware of the gap in her smile, because I started to notice that she was always posing with her mouth closed in the last few months before her teeth came out.

Mystery solved. Both her front teeth are slowly growing. We are taking good care of them.

Below are the links from the WWW which confirms that in some children, permanent teeth will grow in as late as 6 months, sometime up to a year. As always, when in doubt, consult your dentist for an answer for your specific case.

(This is for information purposes only. Please consult your own medical service provider regarding your own health and medication.)

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