How to prevent knee holes in pants

My son’s pants never survive more than a month. It doesn’t matter whether he is wearing jeans, sweat pants or cargo pants, knees get ripped within few weeks. Considering my son’s growth rate, reinforced knee jeans are not that economical. Patching knees isn’t easy either. I decided to do something to stop pants’ knees from getting ripped.
I got fusible interfacing, one thick (fusible fleece), one  thin (fusible featherweight) from Jo-ann‘s. Fusible interfacing is quite inexpensive and you don’t need that much, unless you want to keep extra for the future or other craft projects. I use them for my sewing projects, so I buy by the yard when I get it.

Before schools started, I lined up all the pants. I counted the knees and I cut off 5″ x 5″ squares from fusible fabric for the knees.
I had my son wear all his pants to mark the knees on his pants. I made sure I lined the fusible interfacing where he would touch his knees on the ground when he kneeled down. I used thicker fusible interfacing on his pants with lighter fabric and thinner fusible on his pants with heavier fabrics.
I laid fusible interfacing on the knees with adhesive sides down and ironed until they bonded to his pants.

We are in January and all of his pants reinforced with fusible interfacing have survived. No ripped knees, no sewing. Wo-hoo!

I recommend using good quality fusible and ironing them on really well to withstand weekly washing. The ones I used are still on.


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