Crazy things parents do only with their first child

With your first child, you aim to be the perfect parent and you do some crazy things that you’d never repeat with your second or latter children.

  1. Read “what to expect” book from cover to cover and every weekly pregnancy newsletter from You make a list of questions filling up a letter-sized paper before going to your ob-gyn.
  2. Read “First year” book and “my baby this week” newsletter and worry as if a meteor going to hit Earth if your baby has not reached a milestone that you’ve read in the newsletter.
  3. Waste money on fancy, “brand name” infant clothes that your baby will spit up,  pee on and grow out of in 3 days. Don’t even get me started on infant shoes.
  4. Buy a huge bottle sterilizer and sterilize the bottles, nipples and pacifiers after every single use. The long list of “unnecessary baby gadgets you should never waste your money on” continues with “baby wipe warmers”.
  5. Sign up for every gym, music and mom-tot activity in town. Then, get worried if your child is not playing along with the rest of the group and consult your pediatrician if you child has a learning delay.
  6. Make homemade cereal flour from organic whole grains with your food processor and sifter. I must have had a lot of time on my hands.
  7. Run to the bedroom at every whimper or move you hear from the baby monitor when your baby is sleeping.
  8. Wake your baby up to breastfeed, because it’s been 3 hours since you’ve fed him last. What crazy person wakes up a baby? Only a new mom whose hormones are all jacked up.
  9. Ask your nurse to explain you again why you have to wait for 3 days before bringing your baby in the office when you were expecting an urgent appointment for your baby’s 99F fever.
  10. Take a zillion photos and share on every social media possible. But your friends were already expecting this since you started announcing what fruit size your baby is, every week when you were pregnant.

These are the great things that your second child will never enjoy.

Let me know if you have done other crazy things with your first child that you look back and say “what the heck was a thinking?”.


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