Chicago with kids: Lincoln Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory is one of the two beautiful greenhouses that Chicago Park District offers to visitors for free in Chicago. It is right by Lincoln Park Zoo. There is a big garden in front of the conservatory, between the conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo entrance. You can run around or just lie down on the grass to enjoy a great weather. Nice flowers and plants are planted in this garden during spring and summer time.

We went during its Spring Flower Show, for a very important event, to have my father try his enChroma color-blind sunglasses. I thought what could be a better place to experience the change in his vision of colors than a room full of flowers in every color.
LincolnParkConservatory02LPC has 4 main rooms. At the entrance, start with the Palm Room and smell of tropical rain forests. You are welcomed by a pond. Here is the floor map of Lincoln Park Conservatory.
LincolnParkConservatory03 Palm room has many types of palms as well as fruit plants such as papaya, bananas and oranges.
LincolnParkConservatory04As you continue towards your left, the flowers of the palm plants in various colors look like gems in a forest. Kids love to touch the big palm leaves in different sizes and shapes.
LincolnParkConservatory05Right before Show Room, there is a small pond with turtles.
LincolnParkConservatory06As I mentioned, there was a Spring Flower Show in the Show Room when we visited Lincoln Park Conservatory. It was a festival of colors and fragrances. Definitely a stunning sensory experience for the kids and adults alike.
LincolnParkConservatory07This section looks like a Japanese garden with waterfalls and steps.
LincolnParkConservatory09The fragrant flowers section was astonishing. There are koi fish in ponds. You can sit down an meditate.
LincolnParkConservatory24Lilies, hyacinths, jasmines and snapdragons were intoxicating.
LincolnParkConservatory11I wish I can arrange my flower gardens as beautiful as these.
LincolnParkConservatory12Lots of azaleas, morning glories and hydrangeas in the show room.
LincolnParkConservatory13The flowers in this room made me want to write a poem and believe me and I am not a poetic person at all.
LincolnParkConservatory14The arrangements are very elegant.
LincolnParkConservatory19More azaleas.
LincolnParkConservatory25What do you think of when you see these flowers? Kids and I yelled “Tuffles”, “Lorax” at the same time when we saw these.
LincolnParkConservatory22From the Show House, you enter Orchid House.
If you are an orchid fan, this room is like heaven for you.

Finally you enter the Fern Room and complete the circle around the greenhouse. It’s small enough to go around with small kids. It’s a quick getaway to tropical in the winter. The whole greenhouse takes about an hour or so to visit.  But definitely stop to smell the flowers.

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