Tea party themed birthday party

TeaPartyThemedBirthdayParty My daughter turned 7. We celebrated her birthday with a Tea Party themed birthday party as per her wish. She wanted to do a Tea Party since she received this Princess Tea Party set and books as a gift in May. We have been baking cupcakes and making a granola bar from the recipe book that was included in the set.

The birthday party I put together was simple and mostly outsourced. I did not cook or bake at all other than brewing apple and mixed fruit teas. I did not create or print out any decoration or supplies either. I purchased everything.

TeaPartyBday05We rented a party room in the field house of at a park nearby. I purchased tea party supplies and decoration from oriental trading. I also purchased photo props for kids. At the day of the party, I realized I should have gotten a good fabric or a table cloth for a backdrop to use in the party room. When you are planning, think about a good backdrop to use with the photo props. But that was only my concern. As far as the kids’ concerned, they had a blast with the stick props.

I purchased Tea Party hats for girls, which I found as “Kid’s summer straw hats” online at BuckWholesale. The hats were great quality and shipment was super fast.

TeaPartyBday03Party started with crafts. The first one was tea cup necklace. I purchased the Teacup Necklace Craft Kit from oriental trading. It was easy for the girls to put it together. I helped them tying the knots at the end and putting the clips together. I had also purchased the Tea Party Charm Bracelets just in case they had more time to do crafts. The bracelets were not craft kits but I thought I would just untie the knot if needed. Eventually, I included them in their goody bags as is.

TeaPartyBday01Next they did Foam Teapot Frames. These are apparently for Mother’s Day. I didn’t take out the stickers related to Mother’s Day and purchased extra self-adhesive jewels. The jewels were a hit. As an alternative option, there is also Teapot Treat Holder Craft Kit.

TeaPartyBday02Initially, I was thinking of having the kids paint their own DIY ceramic planter tea cups. But I thought the less mess, the better. I went for the necklace and the frame.

TeaPartyBday06The more sparkly, the better.

I ordered a cookie and a bar tray, as well as a box of macaroons and meringues sprinkled with holiday colors from a pastry shop in our neighborhood (Delightful Pastries). I also had 2 fruit trays. I brought the teas – apple and mixed fruit – to the party room in thermoses. I searched for porcelain tea cups for more than a dozen girls but could not find any for reasonable price. So I opted for the paper cups. The night before the party, I found these cute paper tea cups that kids could decorate online, but it was too late. I even thought of doing a last minute glue gun stint, but there wasn’t time at all.

TeaPartyBdayCakeFor birthday cake, I decided to go simple as well. I ordered a sheet cake decorated with flowers and put the tea set my daughter had to complement it. She loved it, especially licking the cream from the bottom of the saucers.

TeaPartyBday08Our guests took home their Tea Party hats, the teapot necklaces and the teapot frames they did, a teapot notepadtea party stickers and the tea party charm bracelets in a tea party treat tote with them, to remember the great time they had at their friends’ birthday party. We enjoyed having their company at our Tea Party.

If you are planning a tea party themed birthday party, you can also browse alternative ideas on my Tea Party Birthday Pinterest Board. There are really fabulous DIY examples.

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