Snow activities for children in Instagram photos

We try to make the most of the long, cold winter with kids. I have been chronicling our activities with snow, indoors and outdoors. Here are some of them, for kids to have fun and keep busy.

Simple snowman. Or fashinable snow kitty.

Ice sculpting. Just leave a water filled bucket out overnight. Put the ice it in a tray. Let your young artist create with a small chisel and a hammer.

Snow flake / snow crystal inspection.

Colored snow. Put food coloring in buckets of water. Kids can use water guns or foam water squirt guns to color the snow.

Animal tracks observation.

Igloo making. Fill up water in rectangular food containers. Leave them outdoors to make ice bricks. Once they are frozen and ice bricks are ready, build up your own igloo. You can even add color when you are freezing your ice bricks. You have to have a lot of ice bricks to build something decent.

Free play in the snow. My son dug up a cave for himself.

Chilling after snowball fight!

Front door sledding. Sometimes we have enough snow to make our own sledding hill in front of our house.

Front door sledding.

Otherwise we go to the parks nearby for downhill sledding. List of sledding hills in Chicago.

Skiing is my favorite activity to enjoy snow. Chicagoland being as flat as an iron, the snow goes to waste in my humble opinion. There are few small hills in Wisconsin that we enjoy for day trips. The taller ones are farther and require a weekend trip. Still we try to make at least 3-4 trips every winter.

Of course, best of all: Shoveling.


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