Adventures of runaway chickens


The last two chicks we've adopted turned out to have very different personalities than the ones we had before. We had a White Leghorn Rooster (Fluffy), an Orpington (Yellow) hen and an Austrolorp (Chick Vader) hen before. From what I've read, these are heavier, more domestic, humand-friendly breeds. We usually let them roam in the backyard instead … [Read more...]

My life without Facebook


I deactivated my personal Facebook account more than a year and a half ago. We were on vacation. Wi-fi was only available in our hotel lobby and nowhere else. I preferred to sacrifice social media for a week, instead of soaking the sun on the white sand beach on my vacation. After 3 days, I realized something that blew my mind. I was still … [Read more...]

Tea party themed birthday party


My daughter turned 7. We celebrated her birthday with a Tea Party themed birthday party as per her wish. She wanted to do a Tea Party since she received this Princess Tea Party set and books as a gift in May. We have been baking cupcakes and making a granola bar from the recipe book that was included in the set. The birthday party I put together … [Read more...]

Snow activities for children in Instagram photos


We try to make the most of the long, cold winter with kids. I have been chronicling our activities with snow, indoors and outdoors. Here are some of them, for kids to have fun and keep busy. Simple snowman. Or fashinable snow kitty. Ice sculpting. Just leave a water filled bucket out overnight. Put the ice it in a tray. Let your young artist … [Read more...]