Weekly dress schedule – Kid’s School Clothes Lookbook

DressScheduleLookbookLast year, I used to travel for business and had to be gone for a whole week, every other week. In order to ease the workload on my husband’s shoulders, I would prepare everything I could and cook the weekly meals on Sunday. One of the biggest hassles that remained in the morning routine, was my daughter’s school clothes selection. We moved the task to the night before, but looking up the weather forecast and trying to decide what to wear, what to match take time and patience. In addition, my husband does not know the intricate details of my daughter’s wardrobe. For example, she might ask “Do you remember the dress I wore on this date, with these tassles and sequins?” which might result in a fatal error.

I decided to create a lookbook for the week to make it easier for everyone. On Sundays, we spared half an hour with my daughter. We looked at the weather forecast. She is very particular about the weather forecast. She doesn’t want to put on one extra layer of clothing or wear anything that might be slightly warmer than needed for the weather. She picked out her clothes and required accessories for the week. We also took the days of gym and health classes into consideration.


  • I took photos of the clothes,
  • matched them with the weather forecast on a Word document,
  • printed them out and
  • put them on the closet door.

The clothes still stayed in the closet. She just picked them and laid them out the night before. We might have just picked them up and put them on a separate rack or cubby hole, instead of spending time on image editing. I admit, not everything I do is pure practical – “lean” as we say at work. Sometimes it’s more for the appeal and the fun to motivate my children to tend to their own chores.

Now that I am not traveling, they pick their clothes from the night before and lay them out in the living room. If you are traveling, planning  kid’s weekly school clothes and scheduling them on a lookbook is a great way to prepare in advance.

If you have space in your closet, this 6 Day Closet Organizer is a good idea to plan and lay out school clothes in advance.

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