How to roast chestnuts

I and my whole family love oven roasted chestnuts during cold night in winter (in Chiberia). It’s better to buy them early on in the winter, even though it’s more expensive. Later on, the yield of good quality chestnuts per purchase drop immensely and you start to get one good chestnut among a whole handful of molded ones.
IMG_6579 There is a trick to make the chestnuts roast with a little crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. You have to cut a slit on the shell. I find it easier to cut from the upper tip. Then soak the chestnuts in luke warm water at least for 2 hours. This will also make them easy to shell.
IMG_4485 Towards the end of 2 hours of soaking, preheat your oven, either convection or toaster, to 425F. Place them in a tray or on the rack and roast them at 425F for 25 minutes.

The slits you cut will open up to make it easier to shell the chestnuts. Do not keep the chestnuts too close to the heat source in the oven. Also do not keep them in the oven, even you turn off the over. They’ll dry out and become harder. Take them out immediately when they are done.

If you google you can find really delicious winter and holiday recipes with roasted chestnuts.

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