Not-so-scary Halloween Treat Ideas

HealthyHalloweenTreats If you’ve seen my Healthy Halloween treats post last year, you already know that I’m “that mom” in our block, by now. This year, I’m adding familiar faces (characters) to my portfolio. Welcome, Ninja Turtle Apples!
IMG_7070 They take more work (and material) than clementine Jack-o-lanterns. I used crepe streamers, marker and glue. Beware that Sharpie ink seeps through the streamer. Do not draw either on the apple or directly on your table. Otherwise, you’ll have Sharpie stains all over.
IMG_7072 Even though, I’m glad I’m giving out healthier treats, after watching Lenore at Free Range Kids’ video, I’ve decided not to dress up as the old witch with these apples in my basket.

For more healthy treat options see Healthier treats to give out to Halloween trick-or-treaters.

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