Why I’m sticking with gluten-free diet for life


I started following gluten-free diet at the end of 2011 to help relieve my symptoms with Hashimoto's disease. However, for about 3 months in 2013 I cheated myself. My body didn't like what I was doing it to her much. After that experience, I am back to following a gluten-free diet, for life. From 2011 until late Spring 2013, I was faithfully … [Read more...]

Not-so-scary Halloween Treat Ideas


If you've seen my Healthy Halloween treats post last year, you already know that I'm "that mom" in our block, by now. This year, I'm adding familiar faces (characters) to my portfolio. Welcome, Ninja Turtle Apples! They take more work (and material) than clementine Jack-o-lanterns. I used crepe streamers, marker and glue. Beware that Sharpie ink … [Read more...]

DIY: Batman cape costume for children


When I was buying fabric for my daughter's Butterfly Wing Cape, I got two pieces of velvet fabrics for capes. My son asked for black fabric for his cape. Initially, I was going for a plain cape. Then I decided do sew him a Batman Cape costume for pretend play. I googled for resources and found Vanilla Joy's "The Nearly No-Sew Batman Cape" … [Read more...]

Tips to avoid jet lag with children


We have been traveling between Chicago and Istanbul with children every summer for the last nine years, six of which were with two children. I listed the method that help me and my children avoid jetlag traveling +8 hrs in time zones and back. I am very confident that these tips work, because we courageously book our return tickets to the day … [Read more...]

Morning and bedtime madness overhaul


If you dread waking up on a school day to face the morning madness and nagging to get to the school on time, this solution will ease your pain if not completely restore your sanity. We started the school year, like any family in the country, lacking sleep and time to get ready for the school. As days passed by, the amount of the phrases used … [Read more...]