Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

We celebrated my son’s 9th Birthday party with, of course, no other than Minecraft theme. There are so many great resources out on the internet to put together a great DIY Minecraft birthday party. I will list what we did and the sources I used.

Making Creeper BackdropI prepared my own Creeper backdrop from vinyl tablecloths.

Materials: extra (cheapest) vinyl tablecloths; black, dark green, lime green.


  • Cut 10″x10″ squares from each color. (20 black and 22 of greens each)

Minecraft Creeper backdrop

  • Lay them out to make a creeper face 8 square by 8 square
  • Tape the square pieces together with clear packaging tape. I had green masking tape but I used clear packaging tape.

You will find other backdrop ideas made from square paper plates online. Inspiration: Raining Hot Coupons Minecraft Birthday Ideas

Minecraft Character BookmarksI printed out and laminated these Minecraft Character Bookmarks for loot bags. Source: Grunge Zombie’s Printable Minecraft Character Bookmarks
Minecraft Sword I got 5 (4″x36″) thin balsas from Michael’s for Minecraft Swords. A very handy friend of ours, who always helps us with woodworking projects cut them out with hacksaw. First, he cut balsas in half (18″ long). Then I drew the pattern on the top one. He nailed all 10 together and cut the edges. I know it wasn’t easy. But he cut all 10 at once. Be careful as the wood is really thin and brittle. I think we lost only one edge of a sword out of 10. Kids cannot play with these other than painting. They break very easily if you hit with it. So it’s safer than a thicker wood.

Inspiration: Frugal Family Times Minecraft Birthday Party Printables

Other preparations:

Minecraft PortalI made this Minecraft portal from streamers to direct the guests to the party in our backyard. Source: Pimterest
Mining for GemsI got varying colored gems from Discount Party Store. I filled the sand play table with sand and hid the gems before the party started. Inspiration: Keticha’s Chaos Minecraft birthday Party

If you’d like to play Minecraft music in the background, you can stream directly from c418’s -the creator of Minecraft music – website. These are not parody music. They are the songs that play in the game. I like them a lot myself.

Minecraft Themed Birthday FoodI kept the birthday food simple, healthy and colorful. I got the tissue grass from Discount Party Store.
Minecraft Themed Birthday FoodI labeled the lemonade and punch, “Creeper Juice” and “Potion of healing”. Source:

I printed out these menu labels from and picked whatever food matched. Source: Free Minecraft Birthday Part Printables from Printabelle


  • Green Grapes = Slime Balls
  • Blackberries = Coal
  • Red Grapes: Redstone
  • Carrots
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Rice Krispy Treats = Diamonds

Minecraft Themed Birthday Food

  • Grape Leaves rolls = TNT
  • Stick crackers = Sticks
  • Cookies
  • Brownies = blocks
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Fillo-dough pastry with potato filling


Minecrat backdrop and heads I made these life size Steve and Creeper heads from print outs glued on 1’x1’x1′ boxes I got from Walgreens. Great idea for prop pictures.
Creeper vs SteveCreeper vs Steve face-off.
Creeper vs SteveKids loved the box heads.
Mining for GemsKids dug for gems out of the sand and kept them as a part of their loot bags.
Pixelated FacesWe had lots of boys to keep busy. They made pixelated version of their faces using the square craft papers I had cut the day before. If you are doing the party outdoors, and decide to include this activity, beware of the windy weather. Source: Parties4ever Minecraft Birthday Party
Pixelated FacesHere are the kids with pixelated faces. They took their crafts home.
Minecraft SwordThey painted their swords as well. Some took them home to do it.

Minecraft Birthday CakeOur designated birthday party cake chef made this amazing Minecraft cake. We had the toppers at home. You can get them at any department store in the toy section.

You can find all the ideas that I have and have not used on my Minecraft Birthday Ideas Board on Pinterest.


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