Adjusting pan size for small batch baking

Sometimes I bake cake for the kids for snack time at school. It’s only 4 at home and I don’t eat cake. Therefore, when I bake a full pan size cake with a batch of cake recipe, kids got tired of eating the same cake day after day. And the cake goes stale after few days.

In order to avoid this, I bake cakes using half the recipe that would only go for two days. If I bake half the recipe in a full-size pan, the cake becomes very short and hard.

I made a separator from a cardboard piece wrapped with aluminum foil. I put that in the middle of the rectangular pan. Then I line the pan with parchment paper. I pour the cake mix in half of the pan and bake.

Other alternatives to avoid waste with a full pan of cake:

  • Bake little muffin cakes in a muffin pan.
  • Bake a  full size cake with full recipe. Let it cool, slice and then freeze the slices in vacuumed ziploc bags.


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