Book Review: Perfect Health for Kids


"Perfect Health for Kids - 10 Ayurvedic Health Secrets Every Parent Must Know" is a book about health care, not sick care. I learned so many vital health information, not only for my children’s health but also for all of us in the family. I read the book again in order to prepare for the new school year, where good health and mental focus is … [Read more...]

Backyard Chickens 2014


We've had drastic changes with our backyard chickens since I wrote my last post about winterizing chicken coop. We've had a really harsh winter with two weeks of sub zero temperatures. Yellow and Chick Vader handled the cold temperatures during the day pretty fairly. We took them in when especially windchill was at its worst and at nights just in … [Read more...]

Vegetable Garden 2014 – Update


Another year of gardening, filled with organic and fresh greens and vegetables in my backyard gives me joy and peace during this hectic summer. This year the harvest is quite delayed due to excessive rains, overcast skies and low temperatures. We have abundance of tomato plants but very low yield with beans and corns. This is late spring, when … [Read more...]

Adjusting pan size for small batch baking


Sometimes I bake cake for the kids for snack time at school. It's only 4 at home and I don't eat cake. Therefore, when I bake a full pan size cake with a batch of cake recipe, kids got tired of eating the same cake day after day. And the cake goes stale after few days. In order to avoid this, I bake cakes using half the recipe that would only go … [Read more...]

Traveling with Children – Aruba


We visited Aruba during Spring Break '14. In summary, we all loved it. White sand beaches, turquoise sea, the resort we stayed at, sighseeting around the island, restaurants, food, everything. Only two things slightly scarred our experience were the relateively high prices and return trip. American citizens do not need visa to travel to Aruba for … [Read more...]

Volunteers build a new playground with KaBOOM!


I have been volunteering with one of the parent organizations at my children's school, whose purpose is to raise funds for school's needs. For the last three years, we have been focusing on getting a playground for the elementary school where more than eight hundred students attend. Especially after the school hours were extended in Chicago two … [Read more...]

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas


We celebrated my son's 9th Birthday party with, of course, no other than Minecraft theme. There are so many great resources out on the internet to put together a great DIY Minecraft birthday party. I will list what we did and the sources I used. PREPARATIONS AHEAD OF THE PARTY I prepared my own Creeper backdrop from vinyl … [Read more...]