Easy butterfly wing cape for children

ButterflyWingsCapeforChildrenI had no plans to sew a butterfly wing cape for my daughter, until I came along with this amazing fabric at Hancock Fabrics. It is a sheer fabric with eye catching rainbow colors. All my materials were rainbow colored, including fabric, ric rac border and the thread.

Butterfly Wings


  • 3/4 yards sheer / light fabric (60″ width)
  • Ric Rac border
  • Thread

Butterfly Wings


  • Hem the edges of the fabric
  • Pleating the fabric, pin the border in the middle to make the torso.

Butterfly Wings

  • Cut pieces of the border to make handles and pin them on the upper corners of the fabric.
  • Create shoulder straps, making 8 loop with the border and pin it on the middle top.
  • Try it on to see how it works.
  • Sew all the ric rac borders, i.e. middle for the body, upper corners for the handles and shoulder straps  on to the fabric.

Butterfly WingsHer dry flower crown is from Renaissance Faire last year.
Butterfly WingsToo much bright colors going on for Chick Vader.



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