How to evenly oil sliced vegetables and leafy greens

I love to bake my own vegetables and leafy greens to make veggie chips such as baked kale chips. For a long time I had hard time evenly oiling and seasoning them. Some parts would be dry and stale, some parts would be too salty. Below is a simple way to evenly oil and season all the pieces with the just the right amount of seasoning. You can season sliced root veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and green leafy veggies such as kale, spinach etc with this method.

Also see the video of how to above.


  • Get a big zipped plastic bag.
  • Fill it with the appropriate amount of olive oil + salt + herbs blend for the vegetables you are baking.
  • Slice the vegetables you will bake, Cut the leafy greens in bite size.
  • Put in the veggies.
  • Partially zip the top, leaving a 2 inch opening.
  • Blow into the bag like a baloon and zip it close as soon as its inflated.
  • Start shaking the veggies around untile they are evenly seasoned all around with oil/salt/herb blend.

Your veggies are ready to be baked.

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How to evenly oil vegetables



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