Arts & Crafts: Glittery Eiffel Tower

My daughter did this glittery Eiffel Tower for her class project, during a week they learned about France. She needed to do Eiffel Tower and with what and how to do was up to her. We came up with this idea. I helped her with the construction.

Glittery Eiffel Tower
Materials needed:

  • Eiffel Tower print out from Internet
  • Cardboard (from old parcel boxes)
  • Scissors
  • xacto knife
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Old newspaper (to save the glitter)

Glittery Eiffel TowerDirections:
Put the Eiffel print-out on the cardboard and trace on two cardboards.
Glittery Eiffel TowerCut out the Eiffel Towers. Cut one piece vertically from the bottom and cut the top off of the second piece. You’ll also need to cut a 1″ vertical slit on top of the piece without the tip. That’s how you’ll put the two pieces together and make it stand.

Glittery Eiffel Tower
Spread glue, preferably with brush and sprinkle the glitter. My daughter picked the colors. Looking back, I could have told her to pick red in addition to silver and blue to make the colors of French flag.
Glittery Eiffel TowerLet the glitter dry before going onto the next step.

Glittery Eiffel TowerAs final step, insert the piece without the top, into the piece with the top, perpendicularly. You can glue them together, or better use a bent paper clip to fixate the sides together. Beware, that some glitter will fall off.

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