Outdoor arts with twigs and branches


Spring is here and hopefully no more snow for this arctic part of the world. The trees have barely started to sprout buds. My early spring bulbs, daffodils, hyacinths, didn't come out at all. We still keep ourselves busy. We went out and grabbed little twigs and some branches fallen from the trees. My daughter started to work on a 2D artwork. We … [Read more...]

How to evenly oil sliced vegetables and leafy greens

How to evenly oil vegetables

I love to bake my own vegetables and leafy greens to make veggie chips such as baked kale chips. For a long time I had hard time evenly oiling and seasoning them. Some parts would be dry and stale, some parts would be too salty. Below is a simple way to evenly oil and season all the pieces with the just the right amount of seasoning. You can season … [Read more...]

Book Review: Lean in


I've read “Lean in” right after I've made a company change. I've had to think hard where my career was going after 9 years in a workplace where I loved my work and the people I worked with. I had long discussion with my husband and family. The decision to make the change didn't come easy. This decision was not only impacting my life but my family’s … [Read more...]

Arts & Crafts: Glittery Eiffel Tower


My daughter did this glittery Eiffel Tower for her class project, during a week they learned about France. She needed to do Eiffel Tower and with what and how to do was up to her. We came up with this idea. I helped her with the construction. Materials needed: Eiffel Tower print out from Internet Cardboard (from old parcel … [Read more...]

Geocaching: A Modern Day, Global Treasure Hunt


Happy Earth Day! Last year, during summer, our local public library held a small workshop on geocaching. I’d heard about it from few parents but didn’t have time to research myself. We learned what geocaching is, downloaded the app and searched and found our very first cache during the workshop. It sounded really fun, mostly for kids but … [Read more...]

Fun activity ideas for long rides and flights


We've completed yet another successful long flight to Aruba and back. I am quite experience in entertaining children in long flights and road trips, as you can read in this post titled, Preparing for long flights and trips with babies and young children. Good news is it gets easier, as attention span of children grows by age. Parents or caregiver … [Read more...]