New job, new office, new commute, new routine

Two weeks ago, I’ve started a new job. Not only it’s a new job, but after 9 years, I’ve started to work out-of-home instead of my home office. Therefore, I am driving to and from work every day.

First Day at Work

The change itself was a bit unexpected, but gladly received. I was used to working out-of-home with occasional business travel. I enjoyed not having to commute, instead spend that time on family or me time. I liked my company, my coworkers. I’ve learned and grown a lot professionally in the last 9 years. Many times, I thought I would never give up the perk of working from home. It took me some time to even consider, let alone agree to do it. It had to be worth it. My new job and responsibilities are very exciting. I’m a part of a newly formed team. The opportunity for growth is promising.

‘Mom’s working out-of-home’ was a change for the children as well. Even though we share childcare and house chores 50-50 with my husband, when I told my son, I might be working in the office like daddy does, his first reaction was to ask “who is going to take care of us then?”. I was at home with them when needed, even though I was working in my home office as if I were working in an office. They were used to taking care of themselves and keeping each other busy, while I worked on my laptop and attended teleconferences.

Besides the logistical changes, I also have to dress appropriately for the office and at least put on under eye concealers, instead of putting on a pair of yoga or sweat pants and pull up my hair to a pony tail before moving into my home office. I even had to go out for a shopping spree to buy basic pieces, missing in my wardrobe. Regrettably, I hate clothes shopping. I only shop for specific things when I really need them. If I can find them online, I don’t even go out to a store. I despise browsing racks and aisles of clothes and trying them on. Therefore, I needed strong support for the shopping that I had to get done. I am so lucky, that my mom was here and was more than happy to stand beside me to keep on going until we got the black, gray, navy and brown basics, sprinkled with some bright colors.

Most important change was my daily routine. I used to wake up shortly before kids, feed them, get them out of the door. Then I would get my workout done, before my workday started. I’ve setup my new routine before starting my new job. Everyone picks up their clothes from the evening before.
I wake up early to get my 25-30 min. Workout. Shower. Prepare breakfast. Get the kids ready.

Warm School Lunches

Prepare school lunch. Drop the kids off to school bus.

Audiobooks on my iPhone

Turn on my audiobooks and drive to work. Practical Dad takes care of the afternoon shift.

It looks like everyone is used to the new working-out-of-home-mom routine. My parents-in-law being in town also helped.

As my kids are growing, I feel more comfortable and less guilty, working out of home. We are lucky to have our extensive working-parent-support-system: my mom (and dad who loans her to us for longer periods at a time), my parents in law, our brothers, our beloved nannies and even our neighbors. Now that I’ve invested this much in my career, I might as well make better use of it and grow more.


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