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Cake Tutu for Ballerina themed birthday party

Cake Tutu
A friend of mine baked the birthday cake for my daughter’s ballerina themed birthday party. I sew a tutu for the cake. The inspiration is from Pinterest. It’s very easy to make. I sewed it with my sewing machine. If you are patient enough, you can sew it by hand as well.

First order of business: Know the circumference of the cake, in order to buy the material and sew the tutu to measurement.

Ballerina cake tutu
Materials needed:
1. A roll of tulle of “desired” color. I purchased mine from Michael’s. Beware of the the sparkly tulle. The sparkles spread everywhere.
2. Ribbon
3. Thread
4. Sewing pins

Ballerina cake tutu
1. Cut few layers of tulle and the ribbon an inch longer than the circumference measurement of the cake.
2. Pleating the tulle, pin it on to the false side of the ribbon. Add layers as you wish.

Ballerina cake tutu
3. Sew the tulle on to the ribbon

Ballerina Birthday Cake
4. Dress your cake.

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4 Responses to “Cake Tutu for Ballerina themed birthday party”

  1. Lady Lilith says:

    Looks like fun. My little girls birthday is this week. I need all the ideas I can get.

  2. I never thought of using tulle as part of a cake decoration, but as decor for a ballerina birthday cake, it couldn’t be beat. What an inspired idea. Great pics!

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