Good Things & Great Times Jar

Good Things Jar

I am a little bit behind on the new year’s personal development initiatives. I’ve seen this “good things & great times jar” on various blogs and I loved the idea.

The purpose is similar to having a journal, but a collective one for the family. It also focuses on the positive memories. You write good things that happen or good times you have individually or as a family and drop it into a jar. At the end of the year, new year’s celebration includes, sitting down as a family and reading and reminiscing all these great memories you’ve had. How neat is that!

The jar is very simple to put together. You need:

1. Jar (IKEA Burken Jar)
2. Adhesive label to decorate
3. Notepad and
4. pen

The important part is to remember writing down good things and great times and filling up that jar.


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