Good Things & Great Times Jar


I am a little bit behind on the new year's personal development initiatives. I've seen this "good things & great times jar" on various blogs and I loved the idea. The purpose is similar to having a journal, but a collective one for the family. It also focuses on the positive memories. You write good things that happen or good times you have … [Read more...]

Organizing entryway clutter

Organizing Entryway Clutter

We mainly use our back door to get in house arriving from the garage. This entryway is very limited in terms of space. It's right by the kitchen and the stairs that go to the upper floor. That small area has been a mess for a long time. Our major issue with that mess was finding the stuff kids needed getting out of the house, especially on school … [Read more...]

Winterizing Chicken Coop

Winterizing Chicken Coop

Once we rodent proofed our coop, I wanted to insulate the coop to get ready for Chicago winter. I am really glad I set out early, because I made some mistakes in my initial design and had to redo the whole insulation before temperatures went down. I purchased 1" white Styrofoam sheets from Home Depot.  They might have it at other hardware stores … [Read more...]

Book Review: When Children Ask About God

When Children Ask About God

I came around "When Children Ask About God" a while ago when I was looking for children's books about God on  It was one of the related recommendations. However, this book is not for children. It is for adults. It is written by a Rabbi, who is also the author of "When Bad Things Happen to Good People". The book is definitely not a … [Read more...]