Rome with Children: Day 4 – Walking around the city

IMG_3358On our final day, we went back to Villa Borghese as we had promised to our children. We rented the go kart and bicycle until they got tired of them. We walked around the Pincio a little bit. This is a steam clock. For more things to do in Villa Borghese read this post.
IMG_3364The pine trees in Rome were extraordinary.
IMG_3367We walked down from Pincio (Pincian Hill), strolled through Via del Corso which was packed with people. During our walk, we saw this statue made of recycled materials in a store on one of the smaller streets.
IMG_3369We listened to open air concert by these two talented ladies. We might have stayed and listened to them at least for 20-25 minutes. Their performance were impressive.
IMG_6342We walked until Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II (National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II). It is a magnificent structure. People could go up to the roof. We didn’t.
IMG_3394We walked around the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II and came to the open section of the Imperial Forum. Our hotel was right behind this forum in the picture above.
IMG_3903As I wrap up my “Rome with Children” series, I want to extend a fair warning to parents who are going to visit Rome with their younger children. You will see street vendors selling these squishy pigs all over the city. They throw and splat them on a flat surface. It sounds like it makes a noise but beware, the noise is coming from a whistle in the vendor’s mouth. (My son asked one of them an he showed it). Second, it is not solid squishy toy, it is filled with water and is very fragile. It breaks after few splats and the water spills out. You cannot imagine the children’s disappointment. They want another one. That one breaks again. It is inevitable. It is sold for 1 Euro the cheapest, but some might try to sell up to 3 Euros. DO NOT BUY IT. Tell your kids that it doesn’t make any sound and it breaks. It caused us quite a frustration.

For all of our photos from Rome trip visit my Flickr Album Rome, Italy.


    • Practical Mama says

      Deb, That is great. Io anche parlo Italiano. Amo la lingua Italiana. Ho studiato al’Universita’ per due anni e anche a Firenze per un mese. Ho lavorato parlando tutte le lingue che parlo per due anni. Purtroppo, dopo, non avuto molte occasione per parlare Italiano qui. Sono triste che mi dimentico molto. Pero nostra visita a Roma era una buona opportunita’ per praticare. Anche, io ha fatto i ragazzi imprarare qualche parole, prima di andare. Tu puoi vedere i libri che abbiamo qui.

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