Healthier treats to give out to Halloween trick-or-treaters

DSC00813 While the North Dakota mom, who plans to hand out flyers instead of candy, is having her 15-minutes of fame, we are ready for today’s trick-or-treaters with clementines (or Cuties as brand name) for the second year in a row. IMG_3982 We painted Jack-o-lantern faces with markers this year. Kids loved getting cuties last year. Both little ones, as well as teenagers. I have no intention of “teaching anyone a lesson”. I just don’t think anyone, let alone kids, should consume this much packaged candy and sweets to celebrate a holiday. If we can be one household not to add to that frenzy, I’m happy. Besides, it’s something different than all the same candy everyone else is giving out.

Other treat options to give out instead of candy to trick-or-treaters:

  1. Little trinkets or treasures such as spider rings, wikistix, erasers, stickers etc.
  2. Glowsticks (Be careful with this one. Only to be given out to kids with parents and teenagers with warning, because the son of a friend of mine broke and drank the contents.)
  3. Little boxes of raisins. (I’ve given this out for few years. My market research shows clementines are more popular than raisins.)
  4. Snack-size dried apple snacks.
  5. Snack-size popcorn.

Do you give out anything other than store purchased candy? What are they?

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Healthy Halloween treats



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